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Edvin Törnblom named “HBTQ of the Year” at QX Gaygala 2023

Comedian Edvin Törnblom was named winner in three categories at the QX Gaygala, including “HBTQ of the Year”. “I am deeply grateful,” he writes on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram @edvintornblom/TV4

On Monday, it was time for the QX Gaygala 2023. The gala, which took place at Cirkus in Stockholm, was a real success for Edvin Törnblom, who was named the winner in three categories: “Book of the Year”, “HBTQ of the Year” and “Duo of the Year” – the latter together with podcast colleague Johanna Nordström.

Edvin Törnblom: “Roars in square”

On Instagram, Törnblom expresses his joy at the wins:

“HBQT OF THE YEAR?!??!!? Roar in square. I am deeply grateful to everyone who voted. Crying!!! Thanks to darling @johannanordstrm we won this year’s DUO!!!! Never believed!! AND thanks to everyone who made Bogen is loose WE WON THE BOOK OF THE YEAR!! Yay!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU QX FOR EXISTING!!!! An honor to sit in a room with only icons!”, he writes.

Here are all the winners at the QX Gaygala 2023:

This year’s LGBTQ: Edvin Törnblom

Hetero of the Year: Hasret Bozarslan

Drag of the Year: After Dark

Place of the Year: The Blue Oyster

Book of the Year: The gay is loose – Edvin Törnblom

Film of the Year: Hilma

TV of the year: Young Royals

TV Star of the Year: Edwin Ryding (Young Royals)

Song of the Year: No one else touches me like you – Molly Hammar

Scene of the year: Club After Dark

Duo of the year: Edvin Törnblom & Johanna Nordström

This year’s Keep Up The Good Work: Lady Busty & Miss Shameless

Honorary Award of the Year: Mian Lodalen

Source: QX

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