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Eduin Caz undergoes a second surgery and sends a surprising message from the operating room

From the operating room and shortly before feeling the effects of anesthesia, it was like Edwin Caz revealed that he was about to last surgeryand although he took advantage of the moment to announce that there will be a new tour of firm group This 2023, once again he avoided talking about the reasons that led him to undergo medical treatment for several weeks now.

A few days ago, the interpreter of hit songs like “Ya Supérame” and “El Tóxico” shared through his official Instagram account a series of alarming images in which he appeared with a swollen face and a bandage on his nose after surgery to which he was subjected to due to the chronic sinusitis he suffers from and which was directly affecting his respiratory tract.

At which time he also announced that the concert he had planned for February 10 at the Foro Sol in Mexico City would have to be postponed until March 10, once he fully recovered from the surgery he underwent. It would be submitted on January 25.

However, it was last Monday the 23rd when he entered the operating room for said medical procedure and minutes before he shared with his millions of fans that he was about to undergo surgery.

Are they already giving me anesthesia or what? I’m already forgetting“He began by saying with a laugh, to later explain that he was already” about to go into surgery, the last operation and that everything goes well.

In the brief recording of a few seconds, he also asked his followers to be prepared for the tour that is at hand, since this 2023 several dates await them in which he will surely delight with all his successes.

“Now if you get your boots, hats, the best pants you have or how you want to dress but what do we have tour 2023 we have it the doctors already gave the green light“He mentioned before beginning to feel the effects of the sedative.

For his part, daisy anahy She proved to be very aware of her husband’s health, so through Instagram stories she also shared a message in which she revealed that everything went very well during the surgery.

Thank God everything went very well from the second operation. God with us always“, reads the message with which he accompanied a text that he dedicated to the singer born in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico.

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