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Eduin Caz shows the scars from his surgery to silence his detractors | VIDEO

Edwin Caz member and lead singer of firm group He continues to give people something to talk about, since he does not stop publishing every incident of his daily life on social networks, and his recent operation was no exception.

The famous singer has seen his health affected in recent months, so at the beginning of 2023 he underwent surgery, but it was not the only one because a few days ago a second procedure was performed to be ready and return to the stage.

It seems that not all people have believed in what the singer told them, because there are those who assure that He took advantage of the intervention to carry out some “cosmetic arrangements” with which he will lose weight and improve his face.

Faced with jokes and rumors, it was Eduin Caz himself who came out to defend his image and mentioned the truth about his health.

“I have seen many comments where they say ‘Eduin had the gastric sleeve done’, assuring that I had the gastric sleeve and the squares done, I like mitotera, gossipy and liar people, I didn’t do the sleeve, much less the squares, I would have dear, but no


Later the singer in his social networks, described that what was treated was the hiatal hernia that was already very chronic.

In addition to Barré’s esophagus, he added that his medical situation was already very complicated and He decided to face it once and for all, since it should be remembered that the pain had taken him to the hospital several times.

“Just look, not a square shows my normal belly abdomen, I have the little holes from the operation, but nothing else, we are going to do the squares with the gym, you don’t have to be assholes plebes”

Although the interpreter of songs like “Love was not for me”, “Ask me”, “The panther left” and “Everyone” announced that the tour of “Enfiestados y amanecidos” ends at the Foro Sol just as they began.

Later he made a correction in the dates, because when he realized that February was very close to his recovery, the group member chose to move the day and time of the event to March 10.

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