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Eduin Caz gets his wife’s name tattooed and unleashes comparisons with Christian Nodal

Edwin Cazvocalist of firm groupshared with millions of social media followers that got new tattoos, including his wife’s name Daisy Anahand, so this time he not only received praise, since some fans also compared him to Christian Nodal.

A few days ago, the interpreter of “Ya Supérame” shared through his Instagram stories that he had a strange lump in his throat, which caused the concern of his fans, and although so far he has not released any more information, he reappeared to show off their new tattoos.

To reveal details of the designs that he embodied on his body, Eduin Caz once again turned to his social profile and, together with a series of images, explained why he decided to make each one of them, noting that they took more than 25 hours and that “it was It is necessary to do it”, since each one corresponds to the most important people in his life, one of the first being the image of his grandfather.

And it is that, the first tattoo that he boasted was the one he has on his arm and it is a portrait of him together with Mr. Rafael Cázares: “the old man who knows that I love him with all my heart and now he will always be by my side“.

But one of the tattoos that most caught the attention of his fans was the one he chose to engrave on the side of his ear, and it is nothing less than the name of his wife “Anahy”, who, according to what he explained, wants the whole company to accompany him. life, whether or not I’m by your side.

“The woman that It has accompanied me throughout my life and whether or not it is by my side it will always be part of my life Anahy (but hopefully you will be here all your life) ”, he added to the text.

Having engraved his wife’s name on his skin not only earned him some compliments, but also criticized and comparisons with Christian Nodalwho gave a lot to talk about at the time for tattooing the name of one of his partners.

“What we least need is another Christian Nodal”, “Ways to disgrace your body”, “The one from Anahí so that he does not forget that he has a wife”, “Is Nodal you?”, “He is going in the same direction de Nodal”, “You are already following the same path as Nodal”, “Nodal Jr.”, “Don’t tattoo your face”, wrote some followers.

Another of the most attractive designs was the one that from now on he will wear in the center of his chest, it is a heart with DNA that represents the union of his profession and the greatest strength he has: his family.

And to finish the sentence: “I get up and I’m free” that will forever remind you of a friend who passed away and who was always by your side.

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