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Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme worries his fans with a Christmas publication It doesn’t look good!

The vocalist of firm group, Edwin Caz, shared on his social networks the unusual way in which he will spend Christmas: lying in his bed. The famous singer sent a message to his followers, where he took the opportunity to wish them a Merry Christmas, as well as his best wishes for tonight.

The interpreter of “Ya supérame” revealed that he is resting because he suffers from asthma, a disease that he revealed to have suffered since last 2021, when it was speculated that he had COVID-19.

It was last December 2021 when the singer revealed, on his official social networks, that during the winter days they get sick, derived from having asthma. In one of his publications, the native of Culiacán, Sinaloa, wrote that “I like the cold, but it is not something that favors me.”

Since then, the followers of the famous know that in cold times Eduin Caz usually rests due to the asthma he suffers from.

Hence, this Christmas the interpreter of “El Toxico” showed that he remains in his bed, where he is medicated for the asthma he suffers during the cold of the December season.

His followers were concerned about the singer, however, they stressed that the member of Grupo Firme is in good healthsince it is common for me to get sick during the season with low temperatures.

Eduin Caz recently revealed that he and his wife Daisy Anahy are waiting for the arrival of a new member.

The couple released a video about the baby’s gender reveal, and although the gender of the future baby was not very clear, Eduin Caz reported that a “princess” will come into his life, for which Internet users assured that it would be a little girl.

In a publication, shared on social networks, the couple asserted that “our family is growing and we are very blessed because this baby already has a lot of love. And what do you think a princess comes into our life?

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