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Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme reveals the artists he listens to the most on Spotify. Unexpected!

Edwin Caz from firm group He gave something to talk about again. And this time after she revealed which artists she listens to the most on Spotify.

Spotify has already released the annual count of the songs that were played the most from the personal accounts of each of the users, something that many find fascinating to see and show off and one of them was Eduin.

With an Instagram story, the group star made his more than 7.8 million followers participate in his tastes and musical preferences, which surprised more than one, because those who thought they would be among the most listened to were absent.

According to the reading of his publication, Eduin Caz is a faithful admirer of the Mexican regional aspectthe genre in which they operate, the minutes that listened to music this 2022 were 15,391.

And its main artists are made up of: Grupo Risky in fifth place, in fourth Grupo Firme (of which it is the leader), in third are their colleagues from Enigma Norteño, in second Bad Bunny and in first place Alfredo Olivas.

Caz is a friend of great figures of grupera music, who do not appear on said list, some of whom are close to the Sinaloan are: Luis Alfonso Partida “El Yaki”, who is also his friend; Luis Angel “El Flaco”, “El Cuddly”, Remmy Valenzuela whom he has invited several times to go on stage or Larry Hernández with whom he even went on vacation this 2022.

Eduin also announced where Grupo Firme was in Spotify’s statistics, The musicians showed that they bear the nickname of the “phenomenon” of the Mexican regional for a reason, since only in 2022 they added more than 1 and a half billion reproductions.

It should be noted that Grupo Firme recently announced the release of its next live album, which will consist of six songs and six videos, which will presumably be shared on December 13, the date on which the album comes out.

“December 13, 2022, that day the digital platforms are paralyzed. 6 videos, 6 hits, 6 songs to drink”

Eduin Caz wrote in one of the posts he made on his official Instagram account. Grupo Firme is loved by millions of people, many of them do not miss the opportunity to enjoy their music when celebrities come to their city.

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