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Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme reveals at a tremendous party if his third baby will be a boy or a girl? Guess! | VIDEO

Edwin Caz from firm groupHe and his wife Daisy Anahy finally announced if they will become the parents of a girl or a boy, it should be noted that a few weeks ago they told the world that they are expecting their third baby and that they were very happy to enlarge the family.

The famous couple carried out the popular sex revelation, in the video available from their official accounts they expressed that they are expecting a girl and that their lives will again be painted pink, as happened with their second daughter named Geraldine, according to the images of the recording they had to go through some challenges to know the result of the ultrasound.

First they burst a balloon in which white pieces of paper came out, then they lit a candle with smoke that did not indicate the color pink or blue either. and finally it was a light bomb that resulted in Daisy Anahy being pregnant with a girl.a.

“Our family is growing and we are very blessed because this baby already has a lot of love. And what do you think a princess comes into our life?wrote the celebrities on their official Instagram account.

The group member and the influencer did not indicate the name they will give their girl, nor did they give exact details about the date she will arrive, They only pointed out that, although it has not yet been born and is already causing a stir in their hearts and in that of millions of people who are aware of the lives of celebrities.

Since they shared the news with their followers, many people mentioned that they wanted the third child of the marriage to be a boy, even the members of Grupo Firme bet that it was a boy.

Among the speculations, it was rumored that Eduin Caz had undergone fertility treatment so that there was a greater probability that it was a man.

Another thing that caused an impact is that the interpreter of “Love was not for me” a few months ago had undergone a procedure to no longer have children, but to prevent it he froze some sperm in case he was no longer satisfied with his choice.

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