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Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme is caught listening to Shakira’s controversial song and he reacted that way | VIDEO

Edwin Caz of firm group he could not avoid demonstrating his musical tastes again. This time it was the fans of the famous singer who caught him listening to the hit of the moment “BZRP Music Sessions #53” by Shakira.

This was a collaboration with the music producer Bizarrap, which has given something to talk about, since in a matter of minutes it went viral due to the lyrics through which he gave more details about his break with former soccer player Gerard Piqué. Who is the father of her children and who has been in the eye of the hurricane for having been unfaithful to the Colombian with Clara Chía.

For this reason, one of the celebrities that could not be missing in this series of reactions is the leader of Grupo Firme, who recently published a video on Instagram.

This with the aim of explaining to his fans the reason why his concert with which he would close his tour “Drunkards and sunrises” next February 10 at the Foro Sol would have to be postponed.

And it is that the interpreter of “Ya supérame” wore bruises on his face, black eyes and a splint on his nose.

But it was not only this that caught the attention of his followers, but the song that was playing in the background. It was the most recent and controversial song by Shakira, Therefore, one of the users was in charge of noticing that the member of one of the most famous bands currently in Mexico, did not resist listening to the song dedicated to Piqué.

It was so that a user wrote: “The song in the background hahahahaha WITH EVERYTHING Shakira” to which the famous member of Grupo Firme replied: “I hadn’t even noticed the song in the background haha ​​it was noticed that we were in trauma.”

Clearly the famous song did not go unnoticed as it was one of the most listened to in recent hours, which has divided opinions, between those who criticized the famous singer and those who defended her ex-partner.

The song turned out to be a success of which several artists such as Danna Paola, Paty Cantú, Belinda, Alejandro Sanz and even Marco Antonio Solís have expressed their opinion.

Who even sent a powerful message to the interpreter of “Ojos Así”: “From time to time we should understand that if someone stayed in your past, it is because your future was probably too big for them” the words that were applauded by Internet users who agreed with her and joined the thousands of people who are on the Colombian side.

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