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Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme alerts his fans and reveals from the hospital that he will undergo “several operations”

From a hospital bed Edwin Caz revealed that he will undergo “several operations”although for the moment he preferred not to reveal the reasons that led him to undergo medical treatment.

A few days ago, the interpreter of successful songs such as “Ya Supérame” and “El Tóxico” shared through his Instagram stories that I had a strange lump in my throat, which caused concern among his fans; Although since then he has not released more information about what could be causing havoc with his health, on December 24 he again caused controversy when was seen using a rescue inhaleran image that he accompanied with the phrase: “Well, Merry Christmas”, showing that he was not having a good time.

To prevent further speculation from arising, the vocalist of firm group He again turned to his social networks to confirm that he is hospitalized and is receiving medical treatment before undergoing surgery.

“Yes, I am here effectively hospitalizedI forgot to tell you. We are here in the treatments because I am going to have surgery,” said the native of Culiacán, Sinaloa.

But not only that, but he also revealed to his 7.8 million Instagram followers that he will have to undergo a series of interventions, although for now he preferred to keep the reasons.

“There are going to be several operations, one thing leads to another and so on. Then I’m going to tell you what I’m going to do, but we’re going to walk better”.

Edwin Caz

Before concluding his brief message, the 28-year-old singer thanked him for the expressions of affection he has received and wishes for a speedy recovery, assuring that he will soon be fine and will continue to do everything on his part to get out of this health crisis as soon as possible.

“Thanks to those who have been concerned and have sent me a message, we are doing well here, I send you a hug and I am recovering because we have to get ahead,” he stated in the brief recording that has been taken up by other profiles within the same network Social.

shortly before, Edwin Caz He shared another video in which he appears from the same hospital bed while enjoying a donut that his mother sent him, for which he visibly moved sent him a message.

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