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Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme alarms his fans by appearing with bruises on his face while canceling the concert | VIDEO

firm group announced his closing tour of the show “Drunkards and sunrises” last December, which would take place on February 10 at El Foro Sol, the venue where the tour began, however, the concert was canceled on this day.

It was through a press release published on the social networks of the group formed in Tijuana that revealed that the concert on February 10 would be canceled for that date, however, the show will take place, but a month later on March 10 in the same place.

According to what can be read in the statement issued this Friday, January 13, it is because Edwin Caz he had to undergo surgery to improve his state of health, to be more specific “his airways”.

According to what can be read in said press release, making the decision to postpone the concert on February 10 at the Foro Sol was somewhat difficult.

“Making this decision has not been easy, but we want the best for Eduin, for his well-being and for his quality of life to be in optimal conditions so that he can do what he likes to do the most: be on stage singing with all of you in a Firm Group show”reads the press release.

Just a few minutes after the press release was released in which, in addition to apologizing to his audience, Grupo Firme announces that the concert this Friday, February 10, will take place next Friday, March 10 at Foro Sol, Eduin Caz made a broadcast live from his social networks where he was very physically affected.

“It gives me a little feeling because I didn’t want to be seen like that, but it’s a little bit mandatory, because I have bad news for you, we are going to change the Foro Sol event to March 10”

And it is that, in said video, Eduin appears with black eyes and an affected nose due to surgery that was performed in days past, but it is he himself who explains what happened because the recovery from this procedure is taking longer than he expected.

“It’s not because I want to, but that I’m taking a little longer in my recovery because I did something complicated here and what is my chronic sinusitis was already very damaged, so my operation was taking place later, so I still need another operation that is my hernia”

Likewise, Eduin ended the broadcast with a sincere apology to his audience. and assured that the show that will be given on March 10 at the Foro Sol will be in first place and also that the invited artists that he had contemplated for February 10 are still standing because he already spoke with them and they will be present on the March date.

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