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Eduin Caz boasts his luxurious Casio watch with diamonds on social networks. Is it team Piqué?

After the release of the song “BZRP Music Sessions #53” in which Shakira launches strong messages clearly directed towards her ex, Gerard Piqué, many celebrities have joined the controversy demonstrating their preference for one of the two celebrities, this was the case of Edwin Cazwho through social networks presumed that he has been using Casio brand watches for several years, but it is not just any model, since his is a expensive accessory with diamonds.

Before showing off his preference for watches, the lead singer of firm group He shared a video in which he appeared talking about the health problems he has faced in recent days, the surgeries he underwent, and the concert that was postponed until March 10; but what drew attention was that the controversial song by Shakira and Bizarrap was heard in the background.

“I hadn’t even noticed the song in the background, it was noted that we were in trauma,” said the singer without showing preference and focusing only on his ad.

But everything seems to indicate that he finally showed that he would be on the side of the former FC Barcelona soccer player, because like him, he revealed that he does not change his Casio watch for anything.

And it is that in the controversial lyrics of the song The singer from Barranquilla compares herself to a Rolex brand watchwhile Clara Chía is left as an accessory that could seem of less value like Casio.

That is why the interpreter of songs like “Ya Supérame” and “El Tóxico” did not want to be left with the desire to show off his expensive watch encrusted with purple and blue diamonds.

“There’s your hairdo,” Caz wrote next to the brief recording in which he appears wearing his Casio watch at the same time that he is at what appears to be a party.

How much does Eduin Caz’s Casio watch cost?

Although it was only a brief moment in which Eduin Caz showed his watchfans began to speculate about the cost and some features.

As can be seen in the image, it is a Casio G-SHOCK of the GM6900-1 series which, according to media such as El Financiero, is distinguished by its triple indicator, water resistance, electroluminescent backlight and its price could vary from $260 dollarsof course not including diamonds, as this could be an application made especially for the client.

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