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Eduardo Yáñez attacks soap operas and criticizes the lack of creativity

Once again the famous Mexican actor, Eduardo Yanez gave something to talk about. This time the protagonist of “Destilando Amor” spoke about a problem that he sees recurring in soap operas and series.

Especially those that are made in Mexico, since it indicates that there is a lack of stories, since most are a rehash of some other product made in other parts of the world or even that has already been developed in the past.

“I think we have wonderful writers, but they don’t write, they adapt and before we had more original writers”he said in an interview with Paulina Greenham and Alejandro Cacho, through the Heraldo de México.

The actor recalled that he has had to be in these projects that do not start from a script written specifically for the soap operas in which he has played a character.

He assured that the drama Distilling love was an interpretation of Coffee with the aroma of a woman; that Fire in the Blood is another version of The Three Hawks and True Love is another vision of Love in Custody.

The artist indicated that this should be the exception and not the rule, since when he has had to see a writing made from scratch by a Mexican, he has noticed that it has very good results.

“Our writers are sitting around adapting and not writing their original stories”


Despite this, he said that the professionals who are in charge of creating soap operas tend to create complex universes, with dialogues that allow the characters to be known and unraveled, as well as their motivations.

That, for him, means an important challenge that he likes to face to provide a better interpretation: “The serial style is more visual”.

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