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Eduardo Santamarina breaks the silence after being assaulted with his family: “we prefer not to make a fuss”

After the Mexican actors Mayrin Villanueva and her husband, Eduardo Santamarinabecame victims of crime after suffering an assault while traveling through the streets of Mexico City, broke the silence.

According to the first reports, the famous actors were traveling aboard their truck through the streets of the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s office in Mexico City when they were surprised by assailants, who were armed and broke one of the vehicle’s windows.

The details indicate that the protagonist of Neighbors and the leading man in the soap opera Rubí were traveling with their children when the assault occurred. The criminals allegedly took a bag from her and an expensive watch, but more information is unknown so far.

After the events, Mayrín Villanueva and Eduardo Santamarina, one of the most famous couples in entertainment, They went to the Public Ministry to file the corresponding complaint. Later he offered a few brief statements to recount the moments of terror they experienced.

The morning program Venga La Alegría was in charge of broadcasting an audio in which the protagonist of soap operas such as “La soulless”, “I love Juan Querendón” and “La dueña” uncovers important details of what happened during the early hours of Thursday 22 from December.

Without holding anything back, the film actor also confirmed that they were robbed and determined to proceed legally against the thieves. He forcefully explained that his family is fine, but they do not want to give any more statements since the investigation is underway..

“Yes, indeed we were robbed yesterday when we were arriving at the airport. We went to the prosecutor’s office, we drew up the record. Thank God we are fine, just the scare. Just the material things that come and go. They took my wife’s bag, a lot of information comes, we prefer not to make such a fuss about it “told on television cameras.

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