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Ecological Home Builder Franchise

If you like the construction industry and are looking for more information about franchise of constructions for ecological houses stay tuned, because here you will find information that may be useful to you. Read the Mundodasstribos article with valuable tips.

What this article covers:

Ecological, Sustainable Constructions, Civil Construction Industry

The Brazilian market in the field of sustainable construction is super heated and is not yet being explored so much, which is very good for those who want to open a business in this area. One ecological construction in a nutshell, it must have a sustainable model using resources efficiently in construction, an example would be the reduction of waste at the construction site. It is a healthier option that offers the best cost/benefit for those who want to build.

Few companies are able to transmit through the franchise system all your know-how to your franchisees. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention when choosing the company that is interested in the franchise, whether it is construction or any other branch of business.

Soon to be launched in the Brazilian market Construction franchises where the focus will be ecological construction of residences, commercial buildings with a maximum of 03 floors, among others. Thus, franchisees will act in the market that is on the rise, having all the support and attention of the franchisor during the first years of the company’s life. It is not necessary to know the business, just that you have an affinity with the construction industry and an entrepreneurial spirit.

See below for some merely illustrative photos and ideas for ecological building prices🇧🇷

States for the performance of Ecological Building Franchises

  • Acre – Rio Branco
  • Alagoas – Maceio
  • Amapá – Macapá
  • Amazonas – Manaus
  • Bahia – Salvador
  • Ceará – Fortaleza
  • Federal District – Brasilia
  • Holy Spirit – Victory
  • Goiás – Goiania
  • Maranhao – Sao Luis
  • Mato Grosso – Cuiabá
  • Mato Grosso do Sul – Campo Grande
  • Minas Gerais – Belo Horizonte
  • Pará – Belém
  • Paraiba – João Pessoa
  • Paraná – Curitiba
  • Pernambuco – Recife
  • Piauí – Teresina
  • Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro
  • Rio Grande do Norte – Natal
  • Rio Grande do Sul – Porto Alegre
  • Rondônia – Porto Velho
  • Roraima – Boa Vista
  • Santa Catarina – Florianopolis
  • Sao Paulo – Sao Paulo
  • Sergipe – Aracaju
  • Tocantins – Palmas

Check out some links of builders that offer the franchise:

The prices offered are already with the value of material and labor. For example;

  • NOVA ECO – Projects with 100 m²

Single storey house – BRL 89,900.00

House with townhouse – BRL 92,900.00

  • ECO BASIC – Projects with 70 and 80 m²

House 70 m² – BRL 78,400.00

House 80 m² – BRL 89,600.00

  • ECO PRIME – Projects with 100 m²

House with 100 m² – BRL 117,600.00

  • ECO CLASS – Projects with 120 m²

House with 120 m² – R$ 154,560.00

  • ECO STYLE – PROJECTS with 150 m²

House with 150 m² R$ 212,520.00

  • ECO SUPRIME – PROJECTS with 200 m²

House with 200 m² R$ 317,360.00

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