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Ecological Bricks | Prices, How to Use Ecological Brick

The ecological bricks correspond to an innovation in the field of building materials, being able to revolutionize masonry structures. The pieces are manufactured taking sustainability into account and, in a way, contribute to the preservation of the environment. Despite being a new product on the market, the Ecological Bricks Price, Advantages, Where to Buy is already part of the catalog of major manufacturers.

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Ecological Bricks

People who want to build houses economically should bet on buying ecological bricks. The parts are also known as modular and have simplified manufacturing phases when compared to traditional parts. In addition to not polluting the environment, ecological bricks add agility to the works.

Manufacture of Ecological Brick

types of ecological bricks

Some types of ecological bricks.

The manufacturing process of ecological bricks eliminates the passage through the kiln, making it possible to save materials and reducing the damage caused to the air. The blocks are developed with soil, cement and water and go through a pressing stage to obtain the shapes of modular bricks. The traditional brick process, which is passed through the kiln, causes a very large amount of gas to be desired in the environment.

Advantages of Ecological Brick

There are several advantages of ecological bricks. Ecological blocks are also viable because they have more precise dimensions than conventional pieces.

advantage ecological bricks

The Ecological Brick brings greater construction speed to works due to its format.

Each ecological brick has a strategic design, that is, with holes in the structures that facilitate the installation of systems, without the need to break the walls. The pieces provide structural stability, make a perfect fit with each other and guarantee good acoustic/thermal conditions.

Price of Ecological Brick

The prices of ecological bricks vary according to the formulation and brand, so it is important to do a search in retail stores. The cost of the bar per unit is not the most important thing, but the total price of the parts purchased to assemble the structure of the house is. In any case, the ecological brick milheiro costs between R$ 340 and R$ 550.

Where to Buy Ecological Brick

With the great advantages of prices, agility and manufacture of ecological bricks, the big companies invested in their production and today it is possible to find the bricks in several construction stores. You can easily find it in construction stores near your home. Below, we have selected some online stores:

Remember that construction with ecological bricks results in savings of up to 25% compared to conventional parts due to the differentiated process.

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