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Eclipses of 2023: When will they occur and why are they unusual?

In 2023 we will have a total of 4 eclipsestwo solar and two lunar, but unlike previous years these will be unusual, from an astrological point of view, as they will occur in different zodiac signs.

Eclipses normally occur in sets of opposite zodiac signs or on the same zodiac axis, for example, those of 2022 occurred in Taurus and Scorpio, signs that oppose each other.

However, in 2023 the lunar eclipses will be in Taurus and Scorpio, while the solar ones will be in Aries and Librasomething unusual from an astrological point of view, since the last time something similar happened was in 2015.

What do eclipses mean in astrology?

Solar eclipses represent new beginnings, while lunar eclipses represent endings and culminations. They are like new and full moons, but their energy is magnified, which is why astrologers say that they cause radical changes and push us towards our destiny.

When will the eclipses of 2023 occur?

Solar eclipse in Aries – April 20

The first eclipse of the year will be solar and we will witness it on the sign of Aries, which being the first sign of the zodiacwill detonate a more powerful energy for new beginnings. This time of year will be perfect to start a business, a new job, a move or take the initiative of whatever, as recommended by astrologers from Astrology Answers in an article.

Lunar eclipse in Scorpio – May 5

Lunar eclipses tend to generate a lot of emotions, mainly because they speak of closing cycles. Scorpio is one of the most intense water signs, so the emotional energy that we will have this day will be difficult to handle.

Solar eclipse in Libra – October 14

Libra is the sign of relationships, partnerships and balances, so it is likely that many of us start a relationship in any field, be it romantic, friendly, business, career, etc. The most important issues in any case are compromise and negotiation.

Lunar eclipse in Taurus – October 28

This eclipse, as it occurs in this earth sign, it will help us to have more stability and security in our lives. Its energy will be perfect for removing blockages that prevent us from moving forward, however, it can also generate internal instability because we place too much emphasis on what other people think of us.

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