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Easy ritual to close January and start February with renewed energy

The sunset of the first month of 2023 is before us and tomorrow we will dawn with a new period upon us, this energy transition is perfect to carry out a simple ritual to positively close January and start February with enthusiasm.

Throughout the first 31 days of the year we were accompanied by positive experiences, but also some negative ones, the latter need to be cleaned from our auric field to keep only those who contribute and encourage us to move forward.

Thus, the ritual that we will teach you below will allow you to release everything that weighs you down and make room for the blessings that you will receive in February, a month that is characterized as that of love and friendship.

Ritual to close January and start February

It is a ritual of renewal that You must do this January 31 or at the latest in the first minutes of February. You will need a sheet of white paper, a red ink pen, a sahumerio or a heat-resistant container, and lavender leaves.

Sit in a quiet place where nothing and no one will interrupt you while you do the ritual. Put away distracting devices like cell phones and tablets and focus on the present. Breathe deeply for a few minutes.

When you are at your relaxation point, write on paper a letter addressed to januaryIn it, first write down what you are grateful for from the month, what positive experiences it left you, what made you happy and then write down the difficult moments and what lessons you learned from them. At this point she writes down all those things, situations and emotions, that you want to leave in the past.

Take the sheet in your hands, close your eyes and mentally say goodbye to January. The EnPareja.com site suggests saying the phrase: “January, thank you for what you taught me. I let you go”.

Break the leaf and light the incense with the help of the lavender leaves, if you don’t have it, light a lavender incense stick. Now go through all the corners of your home to clean the energies of the month that are seena.

With this simple ritual, you release all the bad vibes that you absorbed during the month to welcome the new experiences that will arrive in February with open arms.

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