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Easter decoration for the classroom

THE Easter decoration for the classroom aims to enchant children and explore the main symbols of this very special date. It can be elaborated exclusively by the educator or with the participation of the students. Depending on the proposal, art classes can make room for making ornaments, panels and other decorative elements that make the environment feel like Easter.

Easter decoration for classroom. (Photo: Disclosure)

Easter is a very special date on the calendar and symbolizes rebirth. On this occasion, people usually present loved ones with chocolate eggs or find ways to bring the family together for a get-together. Although everyone loves Easter, children are more enchanted by the symbols and customs of the date.

At school, Easter is considered a reason for joy and fun for children. In the days before the date, teachers usually propose thematic activities that stimulate imagination and creativity. The classroom is transformed into a typical Easter setting, with lots of colors and designs reminiscent of the date.

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What this article covers:

decorating tips

Decoration suggestion with EVA for the classroom. (Photo: Disclosure)

In the case of decoration with the participation of students, it is important that the teacher presents a proposal and gives the necessary guidelines. Everyone must have the necessary materials to do the work, previously requested from parents through notes or messages in each child’s notebook.

Follow some tips below easter decoration for classroomšŸ‡§šŸ‡·

Easter decorations on the walls

EVA boards are great allies for making Easter ornaments, providing a colorful and thematic effect in the classroom. If the teacher works with this material, he can provide the templates so that the students can make the drawings and cut outs. EVA is available in several colors, it is easy to handle and allows wonderful creations to decorate the room.

The EVA bunnies make the decoration of the room more colorful. (Photo: Disclosure)

The walls represent the main target of Easter decoration, which is why it is common to assemble decorative panels to set the classroom in the mood for the occasion. There are several proposals to transform the appearance of vertical space, as is the case with compositions made with EVA, felt or even colored paper.

Develop a scenario on the decorative panel, including the Easter bunny and the eggs in some situation well illustrated through the drawings. Don’t forget to include a ‘Happy Easter’ message on the panel to further invoke the sense of the date.

Invite students to assemble a beautiful mural. (Photo: Disclosure)

In addition to working with a panel, there is also the possibility of displaying the students’ work on the walls of the classroom and composing the decoration. It is also worth including an Easter wreath at the front door to symbolize the occasion.

In the absence of EVA or felt, the teacher can propose an activity that involves recyclable materials in the manufacture of ornaments and Easter souvenirs.

easter wreath

Decorate the classroom door with an Easter wreath. (Photo: Disclosure)

The wreath is often used to decorate the front door of the house at Christmas, however, it can also be used to decorate the classroom door. The models are usually made with EVA or felt bunnies.

themed clothesline

If the objective is to create a pendant ornament for the classroom, then nothing better than investing in themed clotheslines. Paper carrots or fabric bunnies can be suspended, as well as St. John’s flags.

Carrot rack. (Photo: Disclosure)

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Easter decorations in the classroom ā€“ tips for setting up

Here we separate more photos with suggestions for Easter decoration. You can start the decoration on the classroom door, it always works and looks very nice. There you can place a bunny’s face or separately drawn easter eggs. When you find it, bet on the decoration on the top of the blackboard in the room, you can make the alphabet with different designs. At the bottom of the Room, place the symbols and other designs that have to do with the date.

Also make the decoration on top of the board (Photo: Reproduction/Nossa Pascoa)

Also make the decoration on top of the board (Photo: Reproduction/Nossa Pascoa)

Capriche in the details of the Easter decoration (Photo: Reproduction/Nossa Pascoa)

Capriche in the details of the Easter decoration (Photo: Reproduction/Nossa Pascoa)

Enjoy the decor and make Easter messages (Photo: Reproduction/Nossa Pascoa)

Enjoy the decor and make Easter messages (Photo: Reproduction/Nossa Pascoa)

Use decorative elements throughout the room v

Use decorative elements throughout the room (Photo: Reproduction/Our Easter)

Also, ask your teacher for some free time to paint and make posters to decorate the hallway as well, and also take the opportunity to make Easter cards and distribute them at school. It is worth investing in the children’s creativity and enjoying the date.

Take advantage of the Easter decoration ideas for the classroom and let the children get involved with the atmosphere of the occasion.

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