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Easter basket 2016: models, tips for assembling

Today we are going to talk about Easter basket 2016: models, tips for assembling and you will learn how to make a beautiful gift to give to your loved ones on March 27th. The tips also promise to be of great help to anyone who is preparing homemade chocolates and wants to earn extra income with this holiday.

Easter basket 2015 models, tips for assembling. (Photo: Disclosure)

With Easter approaching, people are already starting to worry about the chocolate eggs that they will present to friends and family. Many already have it in their minds that buying an Easter basket will be very expensive, so the solution is to assemble your own chocolate basket.🇧🇷 The decoration must be made according to the personality of the person who will receive it as a gift. If it’s for a woman, you can add items like flowers or teddy bears, but if it’s for a man, you can opt for some kind of liquor or wine bottles.

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What this article covers:

Easter basket 2016: models, tips for assembling

A beautiful Easter basket with plush and chocolates. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out ideas below for easter basket 2016: models, tips for assembling. Do not forget that you need to buy several items in addition to the sweets that you will put in the basket, whether it is for sale or as a gift to someone. Below we separate tips that can help you in the mission of putting together a delicious Easter basket and don’t forget that the items that go inside need to be in accordance with who will receive it. After all, even a child notices this.

Tips for assembling the basket

The assembly will depend on the purpose of the basket, that is, what is the reaction you expect from the person who will receive it. If you are the loved one, this is the time to prove that you know him/her well, including the chocolates that the person likes the most in the basket.

For children who are less demanding, placing traditional chocolates is the best option, as children may complain that they do not like chocolates with nuts, raisins, etc. It may also be that the pretensions are for sale, then it is recommended to assemble baskets for all tribes, different styles and tastes.

One thing is for sure, the Easter basket model already helps you define how you are going to assemble it. For example, when buying an Easter basket, the recipient already likes a chocolate style. A child, for example, will prefer to win a super Easter egg with lots of sweets and toys in the basket. As an adult, you can buy a smaller basket and put several delicious bonbons inside. That is, the size depends on who will win and even if you are going to sell, this rule also applies.

Decoration gives the main touch

One of the most important parts of assembling a basket is the decoration, why not take the chocolates and put them inside any bag. A great idea for a spring Easter basket is to decorate it with silk fabric and pretty flowers. There is no set rule to follow, try to give your personal touch and leave it in a way that you like visually.

Don’t forget to put a little card next to the chocolates. In addition to the delicacies, the Easter basket has to be well decorated with symbols referring to the date. Buy a couple of stuffed bunnies and fix one on each side, decorating and characterizing the basket according to Easter.

Should I pack? People ask about the importance of packaging. In the photo below, we can see a basket full of sweets and an easter bear, so far so good, right?! But in cases like this, the ideal is to pack the product with cellophane, for example, which is transparent and allows the winner to see the items. In addition to being prettier and more delicate, the paper protects the sweets from ants and other animals, and is much more hygienic.

The basket needs to value the preferences of those who will receive it. (Photo: Disclosure)

To start assembling your basket, you need to separate some materials that are essential for assembly. Like the choice of ribbons to decorate, colored tissue paper, scissors and a hot gun. The variation of models starts with the size, which is usually small, the eggs, which can be painted in different colors and the stuffed rabbits and flowers.

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Easter basket templates

Easter basket in EVA. (Photo: Disclosure)

folding paper basket

If you still have doubts about assembling the Easter basket, then watch the video below and learn how to make a beautiful basket using only folding paper:

Easter basket in EVA

EVA is a very versatile material that can be used to make decorations for your Easter basket. Follow step by step:

Easter baskets can be basic as the preparation and intention is what matters. You can be daring and make them more sophisticated or appeal to simplicity and abuse chocolate eggs, traditional chocolates and the stuffed Easter bunny. What’s up? Liked? There are more suggestions for the 2016 Easter Basket article: models, assembly tips. Leave a comment with your ideas.

Easter basket: how to decorate, tips

To decorate an Easter basket, the most common items you will need are wooden or wicker baskets, stuffed rabbits, Easter eggs, candy, other treats, colored paper and satin ribbon. An example of basic decoration is to decorate the basket with crepe paper and ribbons and to make it more firm you can use hot glue. If you want to make the basket more beautiful, make a crepe paper ruffle and also glue satin ribbon on the handle, which can be finished off with a bow made from the ribbon itself or bought ready-made. Then just buy the stuffing for the basket. Check it out here Easter baskets: how to decorate, tips amazing to use in the decoration of the baskets.

important tips

Other tips for decorating an Easter basket are to cut the crepe paper into strips to fill the container where the chocolates go and add a more personal treat to the recipient. Flowers are also welcome if the basket is offered to a girlfriend, mother or the female public in general. Cellophane paper is also good for decorating the basket.

How to decorate Easter baskets by hand

If you want to decorate Easter baskets by hand, it is also possible to make packaging for eggs from recycled material. One option is to cut the pet bottle and make a basket to put bonbons and sweets, a good idea for giving gifts to several children. The container can be decorated with paints and designs and you can use shredded paper to fill and string or ribbon to make a handle.

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paper packaging

Making paper packaging is also a good suggestion for decorating Easter baskets. You can take advantage of food boxes you have at home or make a colorful A4 paper box yourself. The paper can be molded into a rabbit shape and details can be glued with EVA and glitter. In the end, just use your creativity and let your imagination flow to make beautiful baskets decorated for Easter.

Easter basket: product tips

Among the products for the Easter basket, one can mention the Easter egg, milk chocolate bunnies, boxes of bonbons, wafer-type chocolates such as Sem Parar Nestlé and Bis da Lacta, chocolate confections. Chocolate covered peanuts, plush bunnies, among others, can also be contained in the basket. Here you will find for your Easter basket: product tips that can make a child happy.

Easter breakfast basket

If you want to make an Easter basket for breakfast, you can complement it with other items such as crackers, cookies, chocolate milk drink, cappuccino and even fresh fruit. If the basket, whether breakfast or not, is for the loving partner, good options are heart chocolate eggs, bars with sayings like ‘I love you’ and bottles of drinks. For them, Friday can also come with flowers to decorate.

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Products to put in the Easter basket

There are several product tips for Easter baskets for different profiles of people. If it’s for children, cartoon character chocolates are sure to be successful options, in addition to colorful candies and the traditional bunnies; for teenagers, truffles and bonbons must be present.

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easter basket for men

For older men like dads, the basket might contain wines, Easter eggs, or more bitter, cocoa bars and chocolate cigars. Other options are Easter eggs with the emblem of the favorite team and chocolates in the shape of tools. Easter basket items for mothers, aunts, mothers-in-law and friends can have rose-shaped chocolates, cat’s tongue, honey bread and mugs with special sayings.

You can vary the Easter basket products according to who you want to present. As you can see, above in the text we gave some product options to contain in the Easter basket. From our tips you can make beautiful baskets and give special gifts to the people you love this Easter.

How to assemble an Easter basket

In fact, you can assemble an Easter basket however you wish. Most people assemble supposed “baskets” in decorated boxes of the desired size and shape to fit everything they want to put inside it. Then you’ll arrange the products, but don’t forget to line the inside of the box with straw or colored paper. Happy Easter!

Easter Basket 2016, Suggestions

We cannot forget the popular Easter basket, a typical gift for this time of year. With that in mind, we selected below as the central theme of this article the easter basket 2016, suggestionscheck it out and enjoy the tips.

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Take care of the smallest details

A good Easter basket is one that is made or bought with great affection, as the content is not as important as the feelings that are deposited in that act. But that’s not why we’re going to stay out of the color trends and basket models for this year 2016.

More than ever, innovating is the art of the moment, and everything indicates that we should abuse fluorescent colors and the most diverse chocolates possible. If you choose to decorate your basket, the tip is to fill it with ribbons and colored paper, to fill the space it will occupy with life.

Use your creativity in decorating

Bows are super welcome, and you can put more than one, fit them on the basket handle and use to complement the parts covered by the ribbons. It is also important to fill it with bonbons, chocolates, candies and all the goodies that the recipient likes, the more the merrier, as they will give an air of abundance and grace to your work, complementing the additional elements.

Homemade sweets are also a good tip, not forgetting to add a souvenir, something that is different from the traditional stuffed rabbit. By following these suggestions, the 2016 Easter basket will be personalized and may even remain as a memory that will last for many springs.

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positively surprise

Easter lasts only one day, so make the most of it and surprise it in the most positive way, always taking into account the taste of who will receive your gift. Simple ideas can gain majestic proportions, enhancing the magic of the season most awaited by children who are fans of the easter bunny. To please the puppies, it is worth creating Easter settings, nests for the rabbits and chocolate eggs everywhere, which help to create suspense and increase the sweetness of the party.

Want more Easter tips? We have prepared here several special articles on the subject and we also have other texts on various subjects. Want to stay well informed? Stay here in the World of Tribes! Don’t forget to like, comment and share with your friends and family. Happy Easter and happy Sunday meeting!

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