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Easter arrangements: photos, tips

Learn all about the Easter arrangements: photos, tips🇧🇷 This commemorative date is a very special occasion, in which people celebrate the resurrection of Christ and look forward to chocolate eggs. To get in the mood, many families decide to invest in thematic decor for their home.

Easter arrangements photos, tips. (Photo: Disclosure)

Several elements can be part of the ornamentation for Easter, as long as the characteristic symbols are well represented. It is also important to maintain harmony and aesthetic balance so that decorations do not overwhelm the house.

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Among the items that are successful when it comes to Easter decoration, it is worth highlighting the arrangements. These pieces are delicate and romantic in themselves, but can also benefit from themed and colorful figures.

Easter arrangement made with flowers and stuffed animals. (Photo: Disclosure)

The Easter arrangement is an interesting option to decorate the Sunday lunch table, in addition to being used to decorate other furniture in the living room or dining room. The composition need not be limited to the use of flowers, on the contrary, it should include other adornments, such as colored eggs and stuffed rabbits.

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Flower arrangement for Easter. (Photo: Disclosure)

Step by step

1. Clean the moss and arrange it in a low, wide vase, so that the green shines through the glass;

two. Cut the floral foam and fit it in the center of the vase;

3. Cut the mini roses to the desired height and fit them into the floral foam;

4. The vase can be completely filled with flowers, thus leaving the arrangement with a rounded shape.

Easter egg shell arrangement. (Photo: Disclosure)

Materials: 2 egg holders, 2 empty eggshells, a bunch of foliage and flowers of your choice.

Step by step

1. Use sharp-edged scissors to pierce the egg shell. Remove the white and yolk, then wash with running water;

two. Cut the foliage and fit the egg holder. Lemongrass, pine or eucalyptus branches can leave the table with a pleasant aroma;

3. Place the egg shell in the middle of the foliage branches, with a little water, as if it were a small vase;

4. add one colorful flower inside the egg with water, preferably making a contrast with the support.

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Easter arrangement tips

Arrangement with flowers, eggs and rabbits. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Put together colorful, witty and inviting arrangements.

• Explore the colored eggs when it’s time to put together a beautiful Easter arrangement.

• Choose delicate flowers that match the occasion.

• Make the arrangement more elaborate by adding miniature felt or fabric rabbits.

• Use the arrangements to decorate strategic points in the house, such as the living room, which is a living space.

Each egg can turn into an arrangement. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Include colored candies and chocolates when assembling the Easter arrangement.

• Use a well put together Easter arrangement to decorate the center of the table on Easter Sunday. This ornament will make guests even more involved with the date.

pictures of easter arrangements

Eggs can decorate the table for Easter lunch. (Photo: Disclosure)

Rabbits and eggs present in the decoration. (Photo: Disclosure)

Arrangement with flowers and eggs. (Photo: Disclosure)

Use clear containers to assemble the arrangements. (Photo: Disclosure)

Decorate the colored eggs however you like. (Photo: Disclosure)

Arrangement with light and delicate flowers. (Photo: Disclosure)

Use the arrangements to decorate the Easter lunch table. (Photo: Disclosure)

Arrangements serve to decorate tables and other furniture. (Photo: Disclosure)

Decorate the eggs with lace. (Photo: Disclosure)

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