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Eagles fan smashes his screen after losing to Chiefs in Super Bowl LVII (Video)

Fans enjoying Super Bowl LVII on television in Philadelphia.

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The loss of Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII against the Kansas City Chiefs caused discomfort among several fans and some reactions went viral on social networks, such as the annoyance of a fan who beat the television to death.

The clip ran like wildfire on the different platforms and you can see how an Eagles fan was enjoying the game in the company of his friends. There was tension in the game due to the tie at 35 points in the final minutes.

After a controversial arbitration action, Chiefs ran out of game time and in the last action he scored a field goal that allowed him to keep the championship. The man immediately reacted violently and threw a drink at the television and later destroyed it with blows.

This behavior caused surprise and fear in their companions, who quickly got up from their seats and began to run shouting. After bursting the TV, the fan took off his jacket and almost attacked one of the people present who was trying to calm him down. The subject in the midst of anger cornered him along with another of his companions and ended up throwing his coat to the ground as well as the television, which he kicked and stepped on.

The anger of this Eagles fan would not be the only one to overflow, because in the city of Philadelphia several fans caused damage by climbing on poles and cars. Although Philadelphia Eagles was the best team in the NFL regular season, it was not enough to become Super Bowl champions again.

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