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EA will produce at least three games inspired by the Marvel universe • ENTER.CO

If there is a franchise that knows how to profit from its enormous popularity, it is Marvel. EA revealed last September that it had reached an agreement to make different games inspired by Marvel Comics intellectual properties. Now the publisher has confirmed that there will be at least three games that will launch at least three of these games.

The news came through a press release, in which the Publisher expands the information on this agreement. For starters, all the games will be action games, so we shouldn’t expect any Battle Royale between villains and heroes and Marvel. Another important fact is that all the games will be with original stories, so we will see some adaptation of the comics or the MCU on the console. Lastly, all games will be released on both PC and consoles.

“We look forward to welcoming Marvel to the EA family of creators and know this collaboration will deliver exceptional experiences for our players. We can’t wait to see the reactions of players when they dress up as Iron Man and do the extraordinary things that this superhero is known for, “said Laura Miele, COO of EA.

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The game mentioned in the statement is the Iron-Man title that was announced last September. For now, little is known about this title. The game is being produced by Motive Studios, the same developer behind the Dead Space remake and Star Wars Squadrons. The Iron Man video game is currently in pre-production phase two and does not currently have a release window.

If rumors are to be believed, EA’s second game would be an open-world Black Panther-focused title. The developer has a significant challenge, considering the history of Marvel games in recent years. Although Marvel’s Spider-man was an absolute success, ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ did not have the same luck, being a major failure for Square Enix and the studio in question. One of the main reasons the game failed was that its progression mechanics were tied to micro-payments and monetization systems. EA doesn’t have the best reputation (or finesse) when it comes to working on these issues… so we can only hope and pray for the best.

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