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E-type and Melinda Jacobs talk about their daughter’s name

Barely a week ago, Martin “E-type” Erikson and Melinda Jacobs welcomed their first child together into the world: a little girl who has been named Izadora Elisabeth Esmeralda. Now they tell us what inspired the choice of name.

Photo: TV4

In a clip that After Five have published on Instagram, Martin “E-type” Erikson and Melinda Jacobs talk about the first time with their joint daughter, who was born on January 20.

“It’s magical every single time. It’s so special. You fall incredibly in love with these little children. We just watch and adore her all the time,” says Melinda.

Martin “E-type” Erikson: “Fell for the name immediately”

The new parents also talk about how they came up with what the daughter should be called:

“Izadora is a name I have carried with me for many, many years. And Elisabeth has a special meaning for you,” says Melinda to Martin, who replies:

“Elisabeth is from my mother. And I fell for Izadora immediately when we first talked about it.”

“And Esmeralda, most people know why she’s called that,” adds Melinda. “We’re very happy with the name choices.”

Esmeralda was the name of Jacob’s foster daughter, also known as “Little Heart”, whose tragic death in 2020 shook Sweden and led to changes in the law aimed at providing security and stability for placed children.

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