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Dynamic Island function would also reach the iPhone 15 • ENTER.CO

Just a few days have passed since we met the iPhone 14 family and rumors are already haunting its next big brother, the iPhone 15. The supply chain analyst Ross Young He maintained in a Twitter post that the next iPhone 15 would have the Dynamic Island feature included.

It should be remembered that “Dynamic Island” landed along with the iPhone 14, but only the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone Pro Max are the models that boast the new feature. Now, if what was argued by Young and later released by MacRumors is confirmed, ‘Dynamic Island’ would be standard on the company’s next iPhone. Put that way, Apple could completely replace the iPhone’s notch feature.

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On the other hand, Young also maintains that although many users are asking Apple for screens with 120Hz or more speed for all their cell phone models, this will not happen … at least in the next generation. That is, the 120 Hz LTPO screen could arrive for Pro models like the iPhone 14 Pro, but not for the base models. The truth is that the main benefit of 120Hz is the always-on screen that we saw in the iPhone 14 Pro and the fast feedback of ProMotion.

In case you don’t know, Apple’s ‘Dynamic Island’ is a pill-shaped floating island located at the top of the iPhone 14 Pro. It houses the set of sensors for the device’s selfie camera, that is, the lens , Face ID, flash, etc. However, the most innovative thing about Dynamic Island is that the company combined hardware with software. In this way, the user will be able to receive notifications and monitor activities such as music playback from there. If this feature comes to the iPhone 15 it would be a (real) change between the latest models (iPhone 14) and the next iPhone 15, since we did not see many changes from iPhone 13 to 14.

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