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During Venus in Cancer 3 signs of the zodiac will find true love

The passage of Venus through Cancer will touch very sensitive fibers for 3 signs of the zodiac who, according to astrological predictions, could find the true love of their life during this transit that will be in effect from June 17 to August 11.

The planet of love joins forces with the most emotional and sentimental sign of the zodiac, unleashing an energy that It will encourage us to strengthen our relationships or find in the depths of our hearts what we want with our souls..

That is, we will see what makes that person so special instead of prioritizing the list of requirements that someone must meet to conquer us.

Cancer is an emotional water sign and while it influences Venus, the star of romance, we will be more affectionate than usual.commented astrologers in Refinery29, who add that we will feel more attracted to what is inside people.

This energy will dispel the cloudy romantic climate that we usually impose on ourselves as a result of our demands on a partner and will reveal to us something beyond the external aspects of a person. But Venus in Cancer will have more powerful effects on 3 signs who could find her true love in the course of these three and a half weeks. According to astrologers from, they will be the following:

The sign that rules those born from April 20 to May 20 will be more open now and will see what is inside people’s hearts. On the romantic path of her life, she may have faced more than one disappointment in love. Venus in Cancer will light your way and you will see that each heartbreak came with a lesson..

Cancer will be more receptive, will stop sheltering in its emotional shell and will come out with enthusiasm to love and be loved. The sign of those born between June 21 and July 22 will be exposed, so your chances of finding someone who feels love in a similar way will increase considerably. It is likely that you already know that person, in that case, her destinies will be united.

You have passed up valuable opportunities because you blame them for failures. However, there are those who return again and again despite receiving their emotional rebuffs. Those people have the potential to be the true love of those born from December 21 to January 19. Venus in Cancer will teach you which people help you with their hearts in their hands.

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