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Dulce María would have revealed, by mistake, when Maite Perroni’s baby could be born

Dulce María talked about Maite Perroni’s pregnancy.

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In the midst of the excitement for the tour that will mark the return to the stages of RBD, Sweet Maria was about to mistakenly reveal the date on which the baby Maite Perroni is expecting could be bornwho on January 6 announced the arrival of a new member to his family.

Maite Perroni’s pregnancy has turned out to be a mystery that until now her followers know very little, she has not even wanted to show what she looks like in her first months of pregnancy; However, it was her friend and her partner, Dulce María, who was in charge of announcing the tentative date on which the first child of Maite Perroni and producer Andrés Tovar could be born.

It all happened during an interview that the actress gave to the “Hoy” program, where she revealed for less than the long-awaited ‘I am Rebel Tour 2023’ in which they have 26 confirmed dates to visit countries like the United States, Brazil and of course Mexicothe latter being where Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez will close their presentations with a flourish.

But when asked by Galilea Montijo about the planning and start of rehearsals, Dulce María explained that for the moment they are giving a little time to finish their respective projects and commitments, because while she finishes recording the next TelevisaUnivision telenovela that she will star in with David Zepeda, ‘I think of you’, Maite Perroni will welcome her firstborn, dates that could coincide.

“I am recording a novel that also makes me very happy, it is called Pienso en ti, and it will come out in March and I finish recording around April. Mai has to have her baby around more or less (those dates) around… The rehearsals would be after all that like June or July, “he replied.

After making this information known, he also revealed that Maite Perroni is very happy in this new stage of his life, as he is enjoying the “best trimester” of pregnancy.

“Yesterday when we saw each other like this we were and we told him things (of the pregnancy). She’s still like the best quarter in which everything is still beautiful”, highlighted the interpreter.

Given this comment, speculation immediately began to arise about the Maite Perroni’s pregnancyamong which is that she possibly married when she was in the first weeks of pregnancy.

These rumors even circulated on October 8 when the couple celebrated their wedding at an exclusive hotel in Valle de Bravo, in the State of Mexico.

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