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Dubai will build its own Moon (and you can visit it) • ENTER.CO

Ever since humans learned of the existence of the Moon, they have tried to conquer it…or at least learn about the components of the Earth’s natural satellite. Although in 1969 three astronauts managed to reach the star through the Apollo 11 mission, little is known about it. But, as the saying goes “if Muhammad does not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Muhammad” in this case it would be something like “if man cannot reach the Moon, the Moon goes to man”.

In Dubai, Moon World Resorts Inc., a company based in Canada, began developing the “Moonshot” project, an architectural proposal with which they intend to replicate the Moon. For this project there are 5 billion dollars as a budget for what will be a large complex with different attractions.

As for its physical appearance, Moon, as it is commercially and officially known, will have a spherical shape, just like the real Moon. Said Moon will be located on a platform similar to a disc-shaped podium, which will be in charge of keeping the Moon elevated at a height of 224 meters from the ground. The materials that will be used for the construction of the star will be: concrete, steel, glass, aluminum and carbon fiber.

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The company hopes that once the project is completed, tourists will be able to visit the simulated Moon with a vast landscape to explore. Visitors will be able to find attractions, of course, all of which will be based on a space theme. Within the recreational spaces you will find: a casino, a theater, a nightclub, a spa and a hotel.

The most curious thing about the project is that the company plans to build at least 300 luxury houses that can be bought by those who want it (and have the monetary capacity). Likewise, the company plans to build four similar complexes, one each in North America, Europe, the Middle East/North Africa and Asia. At the moment the sustainability strategy for the construction is unknown, but it is expected that the LEED ecological protocols will be taken into account.

Image: Moon World Resorts Inc.

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