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DT from the USA surrenders to Alejandro Zendejas and still fears that Mexico will take it from him: “I wanted to beg him to stay”

Anthony Hudson, the DT interim of the United States national team, described the debut of Mexican-American Alejandro Zendejas as “outstanding” and stated that since he saw him training in the camp “I wanted to beg him to stay”, taking into account the latent desire of the Mexican team for the right winger who plays in America.

“I think it was outstanding. You see her personality on the pitch and he is actually a player that is exciting to watch. We are satisfied that you have come to the camp and having had the opportunity to see him, just as he saw us. Basically I wanted to beg him to stay”, said the DT at the end of the game.

Even though in the game against Serbia the Stars and Stripes team fell 1-2, the duel was a good opportunity for Hudson to observe his players, Zendejas being one of the ones that filled his eye the most, because he showed a lot of skill in one-on-one and great speed on the runs; He put the rival defense in trouble, gave two advantageous passes to his teammates that could well have ended in a goal and was the player who shot on goal the most times (five).

“(Zendejas) Give depth to the teamI think that in his position he could immediately assume a role that contributes to the team once we have a full payroll, He could immediately help the larger team since he is someone who at the same time has somewhat different characteristics from what we already have”, added the interim DT, who is in the position indefinitely, after the expiration of the contract of Greg Berhalter, who led the United States in the World Cup in Qatar 2022 and, later, was accused of a case of domestic violence that is under investigation, one of the reasons why he has not signed a renewal.

It is worth remembering that, although América, the club that owns the Mexican-American player’s card, was not obliged to lend it for this duel, since it was not an official FIFA date, at all times it collaborated with the North Americans to integrate it, respecting the wishes of the federation and of your player.

The United States will once again play a friendly match next Saturday, in Los Angeles, against Colombia; Subsequently, Zendejas will return to Mexico to join the ranks of the azulcrema team and consider what he will do in the future.

“If we get to the end of the window and have Alejandro stay with us, I think whatever else happens (in matches), it will have been an extremely successful window. It was great that he came and we hope to have him back,” Hudson said at the press conference.

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