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Dstny launches new revolutionary platform – Omnichannel in focus

In Sweden, the telecom industry has always been at the forefront compared to the rest of Europe and now the next step is taken. As a result of the pandemic, the need to be able to manage several has communication channels than just calls increased. Dstny Sweden, is therefore now launching a omnichannel solution that will define the future of business communication and the telecom industry.

Dstny Sweden is now launching its new communication tool that takes the next step in development of the telecom industry. Today, both small and large companies use several different channels to communicate both externally and internally. With an omnichannel solution, all of these come together in one and the same place in order to facilitate business communication and the everyday work for all.

Today, calls as a means of communication are being challenged by, among other things, live chats, social media, e-mail and web forms. Customers who contact companies expect to receive help in it preferred channel quickly and easily. This has redefined how customers and businesses communicate with each other. More and more individuals now prefer other types of communication channels instead of conversation as the main form. Based on, among other things, these insights from the market as well as dialogue with customers, Dstny identified a need to broaden its business area in addition to telephony services.

Omnichannel “MyDstny”.

“Needed to build a communication solution that brings everyone together channels in one place”

After the pandemic, it has become increasingly noticeable that the number of communication channels has increased and that telephony alone is no longer the obvious choice. This has not only affected the telecom industry but also our customers who now have an increased need. To meet the need the solution was obvious to us, we needed to build a communication solution that brings everyone together channels in one place. The result was MyDstny Omnichannel. A simple and user-friendly omnichannel solution will facilitate and streamline work for many of our customers. It will also enable smaller companies to communicate with their customers in the same ability that larger companies do, says Claes Lindholm, CEO at Dstny Sweden.

Within the telecoms industry, Sweden was early on in moving telephony and switching services to the cloud. Cloud-based switching solutions are now offered around the world. The next step in development according to Dstny Sverige is a solution that brings the company’s communication routes together into one easy way with the help of AI and analytics.

“We have to adapt to it the demand that exists in today’s market”

Companies out there have only this way to go if they want to deliver at an optimum customer experience in today’s digital market. We must be able to adapt to it the demand that exists in today’s market in order to ensure the market of the future. The has been the core of our work and the purpose behind MyDstny Omnichannel. A key in the development of MyDstny has also been to enable a flexible and simple solution. Each companies work differently and therefore they must be able to choose which channels to include MyDstny. All our work aims to ultimately facilitate business communication for everyone, finishes Claes Lindholm.

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