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dressing tables for bedroom decor 2017

At dressing tables for bedroom decor 2017 are having the most success. These pieces, so popular with our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, keep gaining space at home. They serve not only to store cosmetics and makeup, but also to make the bedroom much more charming.

The dressing table gives the decor a special touch. (Photo: Reproduction/ Fashioncentral)

The dressing table was kind of forgotten, but now it’s back and conquering the preference of teenagers. It can be found on the market in different models, which differ in terms of size, color, material and size. Surely this piece of furniture is capable of leaving the decoration of the room with a feminine air.

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dressing tables for bedroom decor 2017

Below are some models of dressing tables to decorate the bedroom🇧🇷

dressing table dressing room

The dressing table is a model that is very successful among teenagers. The mirror has an illuminated frame, that is, with light spots installed in the wood. With such furniture in the bedroom, any girl will feel like a real Hollywood diva.

dressing table.  (Photo: Playback/Photoshgtv)

dressing table. (Photo: Playback/Photoshgtv)

antique dressing table

The antique dressing table has a refined and rococo design. She manages to transform a simple bedroom into a true princess room. If you are interested in this classic piece, then visit a used furniture store.

Antique dressing table.  (Photo: Reproduction/Tristatefurniture)

Antique dressing table. (Photo: Reproduction/Tristatefurniture)

colorful dressing table

You know that dressing table your grandmother used? Well, you can sand it down and paint it a different color, preferably vibrant and able to stand out in the decor. Many girls customize the old dressing table with pink, lilac or even red paint, transforming the piece into the “color point” of the room.

Colorful dressing tables.  (Photo: Reproduction/Tresfeminin3)

Colorful dressing tables. (Photo: Reproduction/Tresfeminin3)

Revamped classic dressing table

There are many options of dressing tables for bedroom decor 2017, as is the case with reinterpretations of classic models. The revamped classic dressing table is very similar to Grandma’s model, but is found on the market in new colors, sizes and materials. The colorful reinterpretations are a great success, after all, they make the decoration of the female room much more cheerful.

Revamped classic dressing table.  (Photo: Reproduction/Fashionable)

Revamped classic dressing table. (Photo: Reproduction/Fashionable)

Want to renovate a dressing table? Then watch this video:

children’s dressing table

The girl, still in childhood, demonstrates her interest in vanity. It’s natural for her to wear makeup and spend hours in front of the mirror working out her hairstyles. It is worth including a children’s dressing table in her room, with the size and structure suitable for her needs.

Children's dressing table.  (Photo: Reproduction/Homegrowncityfarms)

Children’s dressing table. (Photo: Reproduction/Homegrowncityfarms)

modern dressing table

The dressing table is an old piece, but it also has some very interesting modern versions. Contemporary pieces are characterized by the simplicity of shapes and the presence of straight lines. They are not as elaborate as the classic models and use neutral colors.

The modern dressing table.  (Photo: Reproduction/Avvs)

The modern dressing table. (Photo: Reproduction/Avvs)

improvised dressing table

The improvised dressing table is super trendy and manages to make the bedroom decor more creative. You can, for example, position a framed mirror over a dresser with drawers or over a sideboard. Don’t forget to get a very modern and stylish chair.

Makeshift dresser.  (Photo: Reproduction/Decorpuzzle)

Makeshift dresser. (Photo: Reproduction/Decorpuzzle)

The dressing table, be it simple, antique, elaborate or improvised, manages to make the bedroom super charming. What’s up? What did you think of dressing tables for bedroom decor 2017🇧🇷 Leave a comment.

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