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Dressing table in decor: models, photos

Having a beauty corner at home is what all women want, after all, the amount of products used daily is large. In addition, it is necessary to be comfortable, when it comes to dressing up, with make-up, a hairdryer, various objects and, of course, a mirror, always at hand. All this can be joined together, on the dressing tables. They were used a lot in the past, but disappeared from decoration for a long time. Today, they are used again and have become, once again, decorative objects. see some dresser photo templatesšŸ‡§šŸ‡·

Dressers are back in fashion (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

dressing table models

Currently, there are many dressing table modelsšŸ‡§šŸ‡· The return of this piece of furniture to modern decor was driven by the wave of vintage objects, in decor elements and in fashion in general.

Decorate with dressing tables, in addition to being something practical and necessary, it also contributes to the beauty and delicacy of the environment. There are ready-made models that can be purchased individually and combined with the rest of the furniture. You can also order the manufacture of a dressing table, fitting it perfectly into the available space. There are also pieces of furniture that have it attached, many of them with the mirror and the compartments for hidden beauty products, being only necessary to open and close them after use.

Modern decoration, with dressing table (Photo: Disclosure)

Vintage dressing table models can be combined with a more subtle decoration, in total white, for example. It is also very interesting to play with colors, using more vibrant shades, on the dressing table.

modern dressing tableswith a straight finish and few adornments, they can be easily combined with any type of decor.

For those who don’t like the available dressing table models, the tip is to turn a table into the furniture itself. Even a common table, with drawers, can house beauty products, just needing to add a mirror to the wall. It looks nice, modern and allows you to take advantage of a piece of furniture that is already in use.

Beauty box, in place of the dressing table (Photo: Disclosure)

However, if you really want buy dressing table, but you still can’t do that, it’s worth investing in a charming organizer box, which has a mirror inside. Just open it and the dressing table is ready. It is practical and takes up little space, as in the image above.

photos of dressing tables

If you are thinking of purchasing a dressing table and need some inspiration to decorate your bedroom or other beauty corner, check out some photos of dressing tablesas selected by the World of Tribes:

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