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Dreaming of marrying someone who is not your partner: what does it mean

When we have a serious relationship, we are in the stage of falling in love or we hope to reach the altar, wedding dreams can be very common. However, behind these dreams there is a spiritual meaning that is not associated with love, but with changes in general. But What happens when we dream that we marry a person who is not our current partner?

To understand this intriguing dream, we must first understand what is the symbolism of weddings in dreams. Depending on the context, can represent fear of commitment, concern about being the center of attention, or anxiety about not being satisfied with something.

For example, if you are single and you dream that you are getting married, it represents that you do not feel confident about taking an important step in your life, such as signing a contract, accepting a job, or any other major responsibility.

If you have a partner and dream of a marriage proposal, it could well be a reflection of this desire, but it can also represent that you analyze the pros and cons of committing to something that is about to happen, as explained by astrologer Susan Taylor in an article in Astrofame. .

Now, when we dream that we are at the altar with someone who is not our partner, it can represent something deeper.

Meaning of dreaming that you marry someone who is not your partner

If you have a partner and you dream that you marry another person, it does not mean that your destinies are separated, however, it reflects that you could have some problems. Your subconscious warns you that there is something that is not right in your relationship and you will have to analyze what it is.

The feeling you have in the dream can reveal more details. According to Women’s Daily, if you feel comfortable indicates that you feel better with any other person than with your partnerOtherwise, if the feeling is uncomfortable, it could be a signal to take the next step.

Dream that you marry someone you do not like

If in the dream you perceive that you are at the altar with a person that you do not like physically, it does not mean that it is your guilty pleasure or that it attracts you in some way. Represents qualities that you possibly admire in him or her and wish you had yourselffor that reason your mind suggests that you “marry” that person.

dream of marrying an ex

This dream is not premonitory, that is, you must rule out the possibility of going back with him to be at the altar. Represents some cycle of your life that you have not completely closed and you must do it to start another. For example, forgiving your ex to open your heart to love again.

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