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Dreaming of dying: what does it mean for your future?

Dreaming that we die is one of the most disturbing experiences because it could leave us with a feeling of confusion, fear and insecurity. However, this type of dream does not mean that it is going to happen or that we are in some danger, which does omen is an imminent change in our lives that can be transcendental.

Death in the dream world represents the end of a cycle or a spiritual awakening and it is important to remember the context of the dream and the emotions it provoked in order to have a proper and profound interpretation.

In general terms, dreaming of dying symbolizes the need for a change in our life or get rid of things that do not serve you, for example, a relationship, a job and even a bad habit. It can also mean that you are nearing the end of a period so it can arouse feelings of sadness, despair or desolation, Horoscope.com indicated in an article.

The symbolism of dreaming of dying can have different aspects depending on the situation in which we “died” in the dream.

dream of drowning

Water symbolizes our emotions, so dreaming that we drowned means that we are in a situation that generates a lot of anxiety. It is a warning from your body to tell you that you feel “suffocated” by a problem that affects you emotionally and it is necessary to address it in order to feel liberated.

dream of your own funeral

It is one of the most alarming and confusing dreams, however, we should not worry. According to dream dictionaries, it means that we have finished an important cycle in our life, for example, we have finished a project, a relationship, etc. It is also a notice of renewal and take another direction.

Dream that you die in an accident

When we dream that we die from any accident, it is a sign to make a change in your life. An accident means that you are not in control and it is necessary to take it back to avoid having unpleasant consequences.

dream of ending your own life

It is a rather unbalancing dream, but like the previous ones, it does not mean that you want to attack yourself. It can indicate that you want to escape from reality because something overwhelms or depresses you, it also indicates that you want to abandon something, but you have not been encouraged.

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