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Dreaming of being late: what is the spiritual meaning

One of the worst feelings we can experience is when we dream that we are late. Running fast because we know that the clock has already marked the time of an important appointment, interview, going to work or a social event, generates stress and anxiety, these emotions are the ones that are associated with this type of dream.

Nevertheless, dreaming of being late has a deeper meaning. The context and the reasons that prevented us from being punctual give us the keys to interpret it more precisely. According to the site Dreams.co.uk, it is a type of modern dream because in ancient times the concept of time was completely different from now.

Although human beings throughout history found methods to measure time, it was not until the 17th century that they began to have a perception of the hours and minutes as we know them today, motivated by the so-called “railway times” . But still, time in the 21st century has a more valuable meaning.

Most of our lives are based on lapses of time; we have a time to start school or work, a rest space, a time to leave and even times to sleep. On days off we rely on time for meetings and social events. Our life revolves around the clock.

It is said that dreams are a reflection of what we live in reality, then, if we are late in a dream it is because a problem is overwhelming us and we feel that we cannot solve it. Time is something that the human being is unable to control, therefore, in the dream world, the feeling of being late is associated with expectations that we cannot meet because we believe that it is not in our hands to do so, however, the subconscious tells us says we do have control.

The solution, for example, to arrive on time for an appointment is to get up earlier. Dreaming of being late can also reflect concern about not achieving the goals we set for ourselves or we are not satisfied with something.. This dream tells us that we have little time to make a decision.

Most common variants of dreaming of being late

If you dream that you are late for an important event, such as a wedding, exam or job interview indicates that you struggle with the pressure of a moment or situation that can change your life. The dream is a message to take things slow and take time to relax.

When you dream that you are late to travelie, catching up with the bus, flight, or car that will pick you up, indicates that you are worried about missing out on an opportunity.

Secondly, if you dream that you are late for work It represents that you may not be satisfied in your position and calls you to reconsider how you could improve your work life.

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