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Dreaming of a rainbow: discover why it is one of the luckiest dreams

On rainy days after a big storm comes calm, and if we’re lucky, a beautiful rainbow will adorn the panorama, giving us a feeling of peace and tranquility. In dreams, this natural phenomenon has a similar symbolism.

Dreams with a rainbow usually occur if in real life we ​​witness one on the horizon, however, when it appears without a possible logical reason, there is a deeper meaning.

In a general context, it is an omen of positive things. We could go through difficult times emotionally, financially, at work, etc., and the rainbow in the dream world is giving us a sign of hope. The unpleasant things will begin to dissipate and after the chaos happiness will come.

Crises represent an unexpected turn in our lives and can create obstacles in our plans, objectives and goals; dreaming of a rainbow means that a positive change will come, according to sites like Your Chinese Astrology and Soñar.com. However, they agree that the interpretation is deeper.

The rainbow has spiritual meaning associated with its colors, and dreams are no exception. If you can perceive that red predominates, it points to positive changes in your roots, orange to creativity, yellow to strength and green to love..

Most common meanings of dreaming about rainbows

When you dream of a rainbow with rain it means that you will soon find a state of peace. There will be an unexpected but positive turn in your life. If you visualize that the rainbow crosses the sky, the change will be transcendental.

If you manage to see two rainbows it is a good omen. It is more than a sign of hope; it means that you finally have peace or you know how to solve the problems and challenges you face. You have confidence in yourself and you know that you will have what you want. However, this dream also symbolizes that there are two loves in your life.

Dream of a rainbow in the sea it symbolizes that you will have a state of calm and harmony, mainly in your sentimental life; if you dream it on a mountain It is success in the face of obstacles.

If you dream of a rainbow with all the full colorsthat is, none predominates more than another, indicates that the path you have chosen is the right one and everything will go smoothly.

Negative meaning of dreaming of a rainbow

Although in most cases it is a positive dream, it also has its negative side. For example, if you dream of an incomplete rainbow it is an alarm signal because you could abandon your objectives halfway.

When you dream of a rainbow and the colors fade It is an omen that you could have sentimental conflicts, for example, being in a toxic relationship or in a bad moment as a couple.

Dream of a rainbow at night it is a sign of loss of hope. In real life it is impossible for this phenomenon to occur in the dark, since it is the reflection of natural light, for this reason, it is associated with the absence of faith.

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