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Dreaming of a fire: the positive and negative meaning of this dream

One of the most common dreams is where we appreciate a fire. Fire in the dream world is associated with a passionate and exciting emotional stateHowever, it can also be a reflection of restlessness and worries.

Like other dreams, these types of manifestations are related to behaviors and situations that happen in reality, in addition, they are linked to spiritual meanings that can give us clues about what is happening with us today.

For example, dreaming that your house or apartment is on fire represents passion and love with your partner or children. Your feelings towards these people grow and the fire represents the warmth that you emanate towards them.

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In this case, to have a more precise interpretation, the room where the fire occurs must be identified. According to the Psychology Online site, if there is a presence of fire in the bedroom it can be associated with the intimacy of the couple which can be an intense moment of passion or problems in the relationship.

In the kitchen or dining room it is associated with great changes to come, in the basement it represents negative emotions, in the attic the person acts without thinking and his decisions are disastrous, while in the bathroom it means good luck.

The feeling of sleep is also important. If you dream of a fire that you manage to put out, it represents that you will overcome difficulties and problems.but if you can’t turn it off and you get desperate, it symbolizes that you can’t find a solution to the difficulties that overwhelm you, as explained by Euroresidentes in its dream dictionary.

If you dream that you cause a fire, it means that the decisions you have made have negative consequences, mainly in economic matters.. The fire caused by you is associated with an adverse mood that destroys everything else in its path. Another meaning of this dream is to feel angry about something, inside you there is a resentment that somehow wants to come out and express itself.

When you dream that you are trying to put out a fire and you don’t get burned, it represents unnecessary worries. For example, you know that a project is successful, but you are afraid that for some reason it will not have the expected results.

If you dream that you see the ruins of a fire, it means that you will be lucky. The ground is again fertile to build something from scratch and the results can be great.

Dreaming of a forest fire is associated with economic fears or concerns. According to the Piscología Online site, you are overwhelmed by not being able to pay financial debts due to your current financial situation.

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