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Dreamcatcher: what it is, meaning

Have you heard about the Dream filter🇧🇷 This article is also called dream catchers or dream hunters It can be purchased at esoteric product stores and is a kind of circular net decorated with beads and feathers. The filter is capable of filtering house energies that would exist in astral time or dream time. Legend has it that the dream catcher traps the bad energies in the knots of his web and the harmonic energies pass through the hole in the middle of the web and reach people through their dreams.

Artifact would have the power to ward off the bad energies that would be trapped in the nodes of the web (Photo: publicity)

What this article covers:

Dreamcatcher: what it is, meaning

O dream catcher meaning it also holds a teaching about the importance of air, so a feather is placed between the web and when it moves with the wind, people, especially children, can learn about the importance of this element in our lives. According to legends, when the sun appears and the first rays cross the web, the impurities that were retained in the filter nodes are vanished and the artifact can be used again the following night.

Also called dream catchers, these objects came up with the North American Indians (Photo: publicity)

What are dreamcatchers

Many people have seen these different objects hanging in some places, but they don’t know what are dreamcatchers🇧🇷 The origin of these artifacts is indigenous and is said to be linked to the Ojibwe Indians. These people inhabited the Great Lakes region of the United States, and today they can also be found in other areas of New Mexico. For them, dreams were very important and they dedicated themselves to discovering what the meanings of their dreams were.

It is customary to hang the artifact in children’s rooms (Photo: publicity)

There are several versions linked to dreamcatcher story, many of them relating its emergence to a spider, who would be a messenger of the sun, and who taught an old Indian how to build a magic web that could catch bad dreams and bad energies and thus protect his people. For those who like to find out more about dreams, one option is to buy a dream dictionary or know the most common meanings of dreams.

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