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dream destination where adventure and rest come together

Dream destination for many, the Tanzania offers its visitors paradisiacal beaches, a captivating culture and a wild visit like no other.

This African country has more than 38% of its surface area of ​​nature reserves and 10% of national parks, and is crossed by the Rift Valley.

By the way, the Rift Valley is one of the most impressive places on the African continent. It represents a geological fracture almost 5,000 km long and its highest point is the Kilimanjaro volcano.

In addition to the Valley, among its many attractions, Tanzania is mainly sought after for safaris in natural parks, such as Seregenti and Ngorongoro, for the still active volcano of Ol Doinyo Lengai, for the highest peak in Africa, Kilimanjaro and for the most beautiful beaches. from the mainland, in Zanzibar.

Get to know this unique destination better and let yourself fall in love with Tanzania!

Tanzania: Seregenti and Ngorongoro

Seregenti is one of the most popular destinations in Africa, awarded as the best National Park in the World several times.

Seregenti, which in Masai means «endless plains», is located on a wide plateau, between the Rift Valley and the great expanse of Lake Victoria.

The region is home to two World Heritage Sites and two Biosphere Reserves, and is known for its large open-air fields and wildlife.

It is the stage for one of the greatest wildlife shows in Tanzania and the world, the Great Wildebeest Migration, when more than a million animals migrate in search of pasture and water. Currently, there are 35 species of mammals that live in the plains of the park.

Its ecosystem is one of the oldest in the world, with little change in climate, vegetation or species in the last million years.

In the eastern part of the Rift Valley is the Ngorongoro conservation area and its wonderful crater. Have you ever imagined the possibility of going on safari inside a giant crater? Only in Tanzania.

The collapsed caldera of a 2 million year old volcano forms a 600 meter high rim around that natural amphitheater.

Within a radius of 260km2, with different microclimates, this region is home to more than 30,000 mammals, such as wildebeest and zebras, along with some predators such as lions, cheetahs, leopards and hyenas.

The Ngorongoro conservation area is part of the Seregenti ecosystem, but was separated from its National Park in 1959, with the aim of allowing the harmonious coexistence of man and animal neighbors.

Volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai

Standing almost three thousand meters high, the still active volcano of Ol Doinyo Lengai lies in the eastern part of the Rift Valley.

This volcano has the peculiarity of being the only active volcano that emits lavas rich in carbonatite, which gave rise to sublime and unusual volcanic forms. Due to their peculiar composition, these lavas are extremely fluid and behave almost like water. When they solidify, they are grayish-white in color.

Kilimanjaro is the highest point on the African continent, at an altitude of over 5,000 meters

Mount Kilimanjaro

Famous for its snow-covered top, Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak at 5,895 meters.

It is composed of three large craters, Shira (4,140m to the west), Mawenzi (5,280m to the east) and Kibo, the highest (with 5,895m) and which has snow in its center.

Those who climb it are faced with a change of scenery and vegetation. Upon reaching the summit, you are confronted with one of the most beautiful views in Africa. However, this activity is not recommended for beginners.

Tanzania: not to miss Zanzibar

The island of Zanzibar, or rather the archipelago, off the coast of Tanzania, is sought after for its dream beaches. Whether you’re looking to go scuba diving or kite surfing, whether you just want to relax after a safari this destination is a must.

This archipelago is made up of the island of Zanzibar, Pemba and some islets like Chapwani and Mnemba.

At the northern tip of the island, Nungwi Beach is the most popular beach in Zanzibar. Here you will find large hotel chains, local shops and restaurants. The scenery looks like something out of a movie, with a unique blue sea, calm and crystalline waters, white sand and a huge coconut grove to rest in the shade.

15 minutes from Nungwi you will find Kendwa beach, considered by many locals to be the most beautiful in the country. The soft white sand and the turquoise blue of the sea make any tourist agree.

This beach is also known for its Full Moon parties, which offer African beats into the night and promise a unique experience.

About 3 kilometers from Kendwa Beach is Nungwi Beach, famous for its sunsets and unique scenery. the acquaintances boatswooden boats built by the locals, create dazzling silhouettes against the skyline.

Nungwi is also sought after for the wide variety of activities it offers, such as jet skiing, paragliding and diving.

Embrace Hakuna Matata, worry-free, and immerse yourself in this paradisiacal destination, where time seems to stand still. Tanzania should be on your agenda.

How to go

The main routes between Portugal and the Tanzania are the connection between Humberto Delgado Airport (in Lisbon) and Dar Es Salaam Airport, the connection between Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport (in Porto) and Zanzibar Kisauni Airport and also the departure from Lisbon Airport to Zanzibar Airport .

There are no direct flights between the two countries, so when planning your trip, always count on some stopovers. Prices vary throughout the year, but in low season it is not difficult to find flights from 500 euros.

visas and vaccines

Portuguese citizens who wish to travel to the country need a visa for tourism or business which, in addition to being affixed upon arrival, at the main border posts in the country, can now also be ordered and obtained online through the system available at https://eservices.immigration.go.tz/visa/

The cost of the visa is approximately 47 euros (50 dollars).

for Tanzania and Zanzibar is required to vaccine of yellow fever. must take the vaccine at the most convenient health center, and make the traveler’s consultation before visiting Zanzibar.

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