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Dramatic video: Luchador Pagano was left on the canvas after a hammer, was hospitalized and will undergo surgery

Last weekend there was a terrible accident in the wrestling Mexican, since the fighter Pagano was the victim of a key that sent him to the hospital and that will force him to undergo surgery.

During a performance at the Juan de la Barrera Gymnasium, south of Mexico City, the gladiator was attacked by a couple of hooded men, whose identity has not been revealed until today, but it is assumed that they were part of the function; they entered to directly attack the gladiator and they applied a “martinente” (also known as piledriver in English), which is a key prohibited in Mexico due to its danger, since when applied incorrectly it can end the life of a person or leave serious consequences.

Through a video that has gone viral in recent hours, you can see the moment when the hooded men enter the ring and punish the wrestler, tying his hands with a tape and hitting him on a chair with the hammer. Moments later other fighters come to his aid, defend him and the assailants come out of the shot while he continues lying on the canvas, moving his feet desperately, but unable to get up. In a matter of moments, his partner in that fight, Psycho Clown, surrenders to one of his opponents: Chessman and wins the contest. Then comes more drama.

When he approaches Pagano to celebrate the triumph, he realizes that he cannot get up. and immediately ask for medical assistance with some signs, then Abismo Negro Jr., his other rival, joins in to try to help him, but without being able to do much, until heand the paramedics enter with the stretcher to remove him from the place.

What followed was the announcement of the fighter’s hospitalization, which was communicated by the AAA company, to which the gladiator belongs, despite the fact that the function was not organized by them, but by New Exotic which, in its functions, has guest talent from CMLL and AAA.

“In Lucha AAA Worlwide we received a report of an incident at an event held in Mexico City last Saturday, February 18, 2023. In said incidentan unknown attacker struck and injured AAA Worldwide wrestling talent: Pagano”, they spread last Sunday.

“After receiving care on the spot, the wrestler was transferred to a health center for evaluation and diagnosis. We will give more details once we have the updated medical report”, they added.

On Monday afternoon, the AAA spoke again and this time it was to announce that the fighter must undergo surgery, which would be this Tuesday.

After several stages of assessment and studies, it has been determined that Pagano will undergo a surgical procedure this Tuesday, February 21, 2023.”, reads the statement.

At the time of closing this note, there is still no news about the fighter’s state of health, but it is expected to have more information in the next few hours, once the intervention has concluded.

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