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Download Netflix ‘Watch Now’ Movies

Netflix, an online movie rental company, has offered a service called “Watch Now” since early 2007, which allows subscribers to watch movies in real time. This offer allows you to watch x hours of movies, where x is the dollar amount you pay for your monthly subscription.

Movies require a Windows operating system, Internet Explorer 6 or higher, and Windows Media Player 11. An experienced user would have already guessed that there is some sort of DRM involved in this setup, and indeed it is. There is no obvious way to download the movies or watch them on your favorite movie player.

All you need to change this is the fairuse4wm drm stripper and a text editor according to DIzzIE from the rorta forum.

Step by step guide:

  • Go to Netflix.com/watchnow and choose a movie to watch
  • Click play, if netflix wants to install the Netflix movie installer, please do so
  • WMP should tell you that you don’t have the rights to watch that movie, press NO
  • Open the website source
  • Search for ‘WNPlaylistMovies’ in that file, the result should start with ar WNPlaylistMovies =
  • There should be multiple entries, each with a different bandwidth, select one.
  • Copy the URL that starts with ehub and paste it into a new blank text file, e.g. Ex. (http://index.ehub.netflix.com/item/?x=sdjkdsjH)
  • Create an html link from it, use this template: name and save it as movie.html
  • Now open the html file in your browser, right click on the link and save it. This will download the movie, which is usually between 1 and 2 gigabytes. However, it is still DRM infested.
  • Double-click the downloaded file and click Yes when prompted to connect to the website to purchase the license
  • Start FairUse4WM after clicking Yes and wait until you see the Play button become active in WMP. Click Recover Keys. You should find some, hit ok, and answer the next question with Yes.
  • Timing is crucial here. Sometimes you get a FairUse4WM error, just try again.
  • If all went well, FairUse4WM extracts the DRM from the file and saves a new DRM-free copy that you can watch in any video player you like.

To update: It is unlikely that this method will continue to work. Netflix now offers digital streaming subscriptions that allow users to stream unlimited media to their systems. The service is still blocked in a few select countries around the world, including the US, Norway, and the UK.

Programs like Audials can still allow you to record Netflix video streams.

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