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Double room with baby room: tips for organizing, photos

It is very common for parents of newborn babies to let the little one stay in the couple’s room for the first few weeks of life. However, many times this is not just an option, but a lack of space. With that in mind, we selected tips for organize the double room with a baby roomūüáßūüá∑ Also check out photos of this decoration.

Simple models are best. (Photo: publicity)

What this article covers:

Defining the baby’s corner

According to experts in room decoration, the first step is to differentiate the place where the baby will stay in the environment. The ideal is to paint one of the walls where the crib will be placed a different color. If painting that part of the wall is not possible, the ideal is to hang a colorful panel or mural on it, nail a picture of the newborn or simply put a very childish sticker.

Children’s stickers offer the advantage that they are easily removed and when the child grows up it is possible to change the look again. Lampshades with a designed dome or cushions in colors similar to baby items also help to define the little one’s space.

Various decoration models can be made. (Photo: publicity)

use creativity

When it comes to an area with little space, the tip is to keep everything well organized so as not to run the risk of overloading the environment. Take advantage of the variety of articles that help with organization, such as baskets and boxes, to store baby objects.

If there is a shelf in the place, arrange the baskets with the baby’s things on one of the shelves, that way it will be even more organized. The same goes for the closet, if there is only one. Simplicity must be present in this decoration.

According to decoration experts, too much information can spoil the beauty of the environment. Therefore, try to choose furniture for the bedroom with a maximum of two colors. In this way, if the furniture you have is in dark tones, choose white ones for the baby. If it is not possible to organize the furniture in similar tones, then it is possible to add color with pillows, wallpaper, curtains and other decorations.

The double room with baby is an excellent option for those who have little space in the house. The environment can be decorated in several ways, always obeying the contrasting colors between the furniture for the parents and the baby. Wall stickers, pillows, sofas and other utensils can be part of this decoration, as long as they are placed in an organized way. Bet on the aforementioned tips on how to organize the double bedroom along with the baby’s room and leave this beautiful environment.

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