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Double bedroom with neutral decor: photos, tips

Choosing colors, furniture and objects for decoration is almost always a personal matter. There are people who like to mix different shades, trying to balance them; there are those who mix everything, without any criteria, but who feel good about it; and there are many who give priority to balance, more discreetly. For them, the more neutral an environment is, the better it will be for their well-being. If you belong to the latter group and want to set up a double bedroom, then check out some tips and photos of a double bedroom with neutral decor🇧🇷

Wood and neutral tones do not interfere with other colors (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Tips for decorating the bedroom in a neutral way

Neutral decoration for bedrooms or any other room allows the environment to be balanced, especially in relation to its colors. But maybe you’re thinking: what are neutral colors anyway? Basically, they are those colors that don’t “fight” with others; they are less striking tones and allow others to be combined with them, without visual friction. In general, white, beige, shades of brown, reproductions of different types of wood (or themselves) and even black are used. Such colors, even though they are printed on different themes (such as stripes, for example), do not interfere heavily in the decoration.

In the image above, for example, we see a neutral double bedroom, in different ways. Although several shades can be seen, all of them (except the blue of the pillows) coexist harmoniously with each other. Even the wood used or the carpet are neutral.

Predominance of beige, with brown spots (Photo: Disclosure)

In the image above we see a beige double bedroom, in almost its entirety. What gave the place its charm were the brown dots, which are also neutral. Such points are on the curtain (monochromatic), on the bedspread (flowers and stripes), on the floor and on the rug, on the flower vase and even in the center of the picture; everything perfectly balanced. This type of decoration is interesting in a double bedroom, as two people can have different tastes. It would also be useful in a teenager’s room or even a children’s room, as there is still the issue of preference for certain colors by boys and girls.

Red dots, among the neutral colors of the double bedroom (Photo: Disclosure)

In this image, see how it was possible to make a decoration with color dots more alive, albeit timidly. The apples on the table, the flowers or the designs on the pillows, which are all red, do not interfere with the rest of the couple’s room, since all of it was organized with neutral colors. Choosing such shades is also interesting because it makes it possible to play with different objects, from time to time, making small changes in the environment.

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