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Double Bed, choose the ideal bed for you

THE double bed it is one of the main pieces of furniture that make up the decoration of the room. It must match the rest of the furniture and offer complete comfort to residents who need accommodation to rest and sleep. The bedroom should offer comfort and well-being, above all.

Double bed. (Photo: Disclosure)

What this article covers:

Double bed

There are many models of double bed, which are distinguished by size, material and design details. In recent times, the traditional double beds in wood or steel are giving way to box spring beds, which look like common mattresses and promise to take advantage of the space in the room in the best possible way.

The bed is the protagonist of the bedroom decor. (Photo: Disclosure)

Double bed the best model

The couple, when they decide to live together, need to decide which bed model is best for the bedroom. This decision can only be made after considering the size of the room, the style of the other furniture and the budget available to invest.

The best bed is the one that matches the needs of the residents. (Photo: Disclosure)

How to choose a double bed?

THE double bed it is one of the main acquisitions for the house after the wedding, but it is not always easy to choose the most appropriate model. Check out tips:

• The mattress must be comfortable, firm and provide the support the body needs.

• To find out if the mattress is suitable, see if your spine remains straight during sleep, that is, without forcing your muscles or giving in to your body weight.

Always worry about the comfort of the mattress. (Photo: Disclosure)

Double bed size

• The size of the bed must always suit the needs of both partners, in addition to being proportional to the dimensions of the room.

• Under no circumstances can the size of the double bed interfere with opening the wardrobe’s doors and drawers. If you want a big bed, but the room is small, choose a closet with sliding doors, as it makes better use of the space.

Cast iron rescues trends from the past. (Photo: Disclosure)

double bed models

As already mentioned above, there are numerous models of double beds, to help you choose the most appropriate one for the couple’s room, we have separated some options below. Check out:

Wooden bed. (Photo: Disclosure)

wooden bed

The wooden bed manages to make the room look more rustic and cozy. Its structure is resistant and offers all the support that the mattress needs.

King box bed. (Photo: Disclosure)

box king bed

The box king bed measures 193 x 203cm. She is nothing more than a mattress with feet, which needs a headboard to resemble the traditional bed. Some models have a built-in chest, that is, a great compartment for storing bedding.

Queen bed. (Photo: Disclosure)

queen bed

The queen bed is a perfect option for couples looking for a spacious and comfortable bed, after all, this model measures 158 x 198cm. Like the king version, it also needs a headboard.

Cast iron bed. (Photo: Disclosure)

cast iron bed

If the objective is to give the room a vintage and romantic look, then nothing better than adding a cast iron bed to the decor. Don’t forget to buy a beautiful layette set to make this piece of furniture more beautiful and inviting.

I hope we have helped you in choosing the ideal bed for your double bedroom. The options are varied so that you can choose the best one.

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