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Don’t like the new Gmail design? There you can reverse it • ENTER.CO

In early February, Google released the new Gmail redesign, which first reached a few selected users, who gave feedback to improve the interface, which was taken into account for improvements, according to the company. Now the final version will be shown to all users of the service who have activated the chat; that is, if you still don’t see the new Gmail design, in a few days it will be activated for you too. Well, although the new design is not mandatory (for now), it has been activated by default in all accounts.

Let’s remember that The integration of the three services (Google Meet, Gmail and email chat) is the bet of the new design of Gmail for Google Workspace. So, when you want to access any of these services, you can do it through the integrated view, not through the windows that overlap the Gmail interface as we know it until now.

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Although the changes are not that drastic and the new design is quite customizable just by hitting the Quick Settings button on the right, there are some users who might want to go back to the old design. As we mentioned, at the moment it is not mandatory to use the redesign and returning to the old design is as simple as going to the “Quick configuration” button. Within the options that are shown in this menu, you must choose “Return to the original view of Gmail”; you will see a (giant) pop-up appear asking you “why do you want to come back”. Seeing this, Google is likely to keep the new interface as unique and mandatory, so if you don’t like the new changes, enjoy the old design while you can.

The most important changes are, in addition to the integration of the three Gmail chats, they are more colorful and larger buttons. Beneath the surface there are also changes like “search chips” which is another name for improved and more precise search filters.

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