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don’t leave anything behind on the old cell phone

With the Phone Clone application, take all the information from the old mobile phone to the new Huawei. If an app is missing, Petal Search does the rest of the work.

A new mobile phone is always a moment of discovery, with new features and different ways of being connected with the world. But there is also a moment of fear.

After all, how are we going to be able to transfer all the information stored on the old cell phone to a new device, from contacts to special photos and videos, going through essential applications or conversation history that you don’t want to lose? The Phone Clone app is the answer.

Huawei has found the ultimate solution to this issue with the Phone Clone application.

Regardless of whether you use the Android or iOS operating system, this app is fully compatible, not being tied to the existence of a Wi-Fi network or any data transfer.

To test this functionality, we transferred all data from a Huawei P30 Lite to the brand new Huawei Nova 9. Once the Phone Clone was installed, the QR code provided was scanned to start the transfer. We are talking about a large amount of data (especially the image gallery, the most necessary applications and all the contacts), whose transfer would otherwise take a long time.

Very fast transfer: step by step

For this operation, both phones in question must have the application Phone Clone. As a rule, it is already installed on Huawei mobile phones, but you can always use the increasingly complete Huawei AppGallery to obtain it. In case your phone is not a Huawei, this application is also available on the AppStore and Google Play Store. And the system is quite simple and intuitive.

Once installed, open and select the source and destination phones. Then use the old phone to scan the QR code and establish the connection between the two devices. Select the data that will be cloned on the old phone (you may not want to send everything), and click on “send data”. Just wait for the message “transfer completed” to appear on the screen and you can immediately start using your new mobile phone with all the information you can’t do without.

The transfer speed between the two mobile phones used was quite remarkable, even taking into account the amount of data transferred, something like 44GB. You can no longer say that you left anything behind on your old cell phone.

Another advantage of Phone Clone is the data transfer speed, which can reach 1GB per minute. Despite this speed, the issue of security has not been forgotten either, as photos, videos, contacts and files are transferred in encrypted form, without Cloud backups or use of hard drives. A simple and fast way to transfer all your information to a new mobile phone.

With Phone Clone take all the information and data to the new phone

Petal Search: the home of apps you can’t do without

Applications are increasingly determining the way we use mobile devices. It is through them that we directly access a vast number of services, some of which are absolutely essential in our daily management. THE Huawei AppGallery, which already has something like 420 million users, it concentrates more and more apps, not forgetting those that we all use most often.

There you can find all Portuguese banking applications, payment systems such as MBWay, the application to access the National Health Service, public identification services (such as id.gov) or the main newspapers and televisions. However, there are applications that are still outside the direct offer of the Huawei AppGallery, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them and with all the comfort and security.

However, if you don’t find the application you need, don’t despair, as there is an effective and safe answer. it’s called Petal Searcha solution integrated into the Huawei AppGallery, and which finds the best places to download these applications.

In the test we did with Petal Search, we went in search of the application of one of the most famous social networks. We were quickly returned to a reliable result, which redirected us to an external page. It was from here that it was possible (and quickly) to download the desired app.

Total security

Of course, this situation of downloading an application from an external entity can cause doubts. well, the Huawei has designed a system with eight layers of security to which these external channels must respond and without fail. From the outset, they will have to be encrypted channels, with application integrity verification, digital signature verification and complete threat detection.

Then there are still four other levels, which apply to the equipment, and which have to do with the integrity of the system, the verification of apps, the verification of the associated url and, finally, the verification of the user. All in accordance with the Data Protection rules (GDPR) currently in force.

The truth is that the application we installed worked perfectly and at no time did we feel that the device was compromised with anything in terms of security. Quite the opposite.

So, this is a simple and safe way to get for your Huawei all the applications (or respective updates) that you cannot do without. And as you can see, with a strong focus on user safety and protection. Petal Search is available in more than 170 countries and 50 languages, making it an increasingly indispensable tool for global research.

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