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Don’t be late!, so you can see in real time the route of a SITP • ENTER.CO

Many times, people who frequently use the public transport service in Bogotá find that, when leaving home, they can spend a long time waiting for the necessary bus. In order for people to organize their trips and calculate the time it takes to reach their destination, the Bogotá Urban Transport System (SITP) has an application that you can get the most out of.

TransMilenio, SITP service management company, developed an application in which you can see the balance of your card, the latest news from the transport service, find the bus or TransMilenio that takes you to your destination; You can even see the route of a bus in real time.

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So, if you want to know how long it takes to pass the bus you need, you must download the app. The application is compatible with any device; from your application store (App Store or Play Store) search for the TransmiApp application. When you have downloaded it, on the home screen you will find the option ‘buses by station’, enter there. You must select the whereabouts from where you will start the tour; If you don’t know the name of the whereabouts, you can write the name of the neighborhood and the app shows you all the existing whereabouts there.

When you have located the whereabouts, the application will show you the routes that stop there, locate the one that works for you. You will see that on the right side there is a button called ‘locate your bus’, when you enter this section you will see the next bus that will pass. You will be able to see the street where it comes from, the kilometers it takes to reach your whereabouts and the estimated time of arrival. The app warns that there may be up to a minute difference with the information.

Image: Bogota Mayor’s Office

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