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Donald Trump indebted for his social network, Truth Social • ENTER.CO

Earlier this year, Truth Social, the “free expression” social network led and sponsored by former US President Donald Trump, went live. Since then, it’s been mired in issues like free expression being censored, the app having all sorts of bugs, and now, the social network is $1.6 million in debt.

A report by Fox Business reveals that one of Truth Social’s providers accuses the social network of not paying hosting fees; This was announced by a company spokesman. Specifically, we are talking about RightForge, a company dedicated to web infrastructure and the main provider and creditor of Trump’s social network. If this is true, Fox Business suggests it is because the social media platform “is in significant disarray.”

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Both companies managed to reach labor agreements since RightForge offers “hosting for those who believe in freedom of expression and need independence from big technology.” While Truth Social encourages “an open, free and honest global conversation without discriminating by political ideology.” Said like this, the ideals of both companies managed to combine; Let’s see the trajectory of the agreement between the two parties. Within said agreement signed last year, RightForge undertook to host Truth Social on its servers from October 2021, when the platform was created as such. However, the app made its debut earlier this year, after Trump was banned from Twitter on January 6.

Now, anonymous sources from the hosting company argue that Truth Social “has defaulted on its contractually obligated monthly payments,” which add up to $1.6 million in debt. The social network reportedly stopped making payments in March, so RightForge is planning to take legal action against Trump’s social network to recover the money.

But while one of the social network’s founders is Donald Trump, Devin Nunes, a former Republican representative from California, is the current CEO of Trump Media. So far, neither Nunes nor RightForge have provided formal statements in this regard.

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