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Doña Cuquita, widow of Vicente Fernández, “stiffens” a beer jar to celebrate New Years

Doña Cuquita Abarca and Vicente Fernández.

Photo: Special / Reform Agency

lady cuquitawidow of Vicente Fernandezis giving something to talk about on social networks with a photograph in which it appears “steeping” a beer mug with singular joy, so much so that it even provoked a smile from “Potrillo”.

Alejandro Fernández met with his family to celebrate Christmas and the arrival of 2023, which is why he has used his social networks to share some images with his Instagram followers, highlighting those in which he appears enjoying his facet as a grandfather, in addition to posing with his children and his girlfriend, karla laveaga.

However, one of the images that recently caused a tremendous uproar and went viral was the one starring none other than Maria del Refugio Abarcabetter known as lady cuquitawho appeared enjoying a beer with a very peculiar style.

And it is that, in the image that was originally shared by “El Potrillo” in the stories of his official Instagram account, the widow of “Charro de Huentitán” was seen in a winter environment with a black coat and hat while drinking beer from a huge mug that he even had to hold with both hands.

The image quickly flooded social networks and with it comments rained down in which some followers demonstrated their empathy by assuring that they have every right to enjoy life with a beer, while some more identified themselves to the point of saying “We are all Cuquita” .

Everything seems to indicate that this is one of the drinks that Vicente’s mother, Gerardo, Alejandro Fernández, enjoys the most, as he confessed this past December 12 on the occasion of the first anniversary of Vicente Fernández’s death when he assured that to bear the absence of someone He was his companion for more than 50 years, he has adopted some customs such as listening to music or even having a beer, as they are some ways of remembering him.

“I’m not even absent, I put music on it all day, from morning to night there is music. Having a beer with him was the only thing I did, only one because I got drunk. I don’t drink tequila, I don’t drink any alcohol, so I drank a small beer with him and (he said): ‘take another’, (and she replied) ‘no because I get drunk’”, she recalled smiling during an interview with the program ‘Come Joy’.

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