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Doña Cuquita, widow of Vicente Fernández, shows off her family’s official tequila toasting with her grandson Alex Fernández

Doña Cuquita Abarca and Vicente Fernández.

Photo: Special / Reform Agency

The Fernández Dynasty is always at the forefront, and this time lady cuquitamatriarch of the famous family of Don Vicente Fernandezshowed off showing the emblematic drink that they created in honor of all their descendants, as was shown by his grandson Alex Fernandez.

Alex showed his personal tasting of a special drink, the one that only members of the clan usually consume and that, at the moment, unfortunately is not for sale.

This is the Fernández tequila, which Alex showed on his social networks, despite the fact that he is usually very reserved.

Accompanied by his grandmother, Mrs. Cuquita, widow of Mr. Vicente Fernández, Alex showed that special image in the dining room of the family home, the one where Rancho Los Tres Potrillos is located.

At his side and inseparable as always, was Alexia Hernández, Alex’s wife with whom he has had several weddings.

The three of them, like one big family looking out for each other, enjoyed the family’s tequila.

“Nothing better than enjoying a good tequila with a good song. Cheers!”the young man indicated.

Something that Alex Fernández clarified in his post is that this drink is only consumed by his family, since it is not for commercial sale.

Of course, he left open the possibility that later they would change their minds and thousands or millions of more people could taste this tequila.

“The tequila is from a reserve that I have with my dad. It is for family consumption only. At the moment it is not for sale, but I thank you all for the good comments about it ”

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