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Doña Cuquita confesses that she prays to Vicente Fernández every day and is at peace after his departure

One year after the death of Vicente Fernandezhis widow, lady cuquitaconfesses that he wants to move on despite the pain he feels for the irreparable loss and he remembers the singer every day at 5 pm, the time he visits his grave to pray.

The three children of “Charro de Huentitán” and María del Refugio Abarca met at the Rancho los 3 Potrillos to be present at the mass that was held in memory of the icon of Mexican music, who lost his life on December 12, 2021 as a result of multi-organ failure after spending several months in intensive care.

But it was during a press conference held after the religious ceremony, where the widow of the interpreter of “Aquí entre nos” surprised again with her strength, and even assured that she has every intention of moving forward.

“You have to try hard, I’m not going to give up because he’s not going to revive. So, why am I looking for problems, I am not going to look for problems, in no way, ”she said.

Surrounded by the affection of her sons Vicente, Gerardo and Alejandro Fernández, María del Refugio Abarca spoke about how her life has changed in the last year, confessing that she prays at the same time every day, because it has great meaning for her and she does not think stop doing it.

“It is to pray (to Vicente Fernández) a daily rosary here at 5 in the afternoon. All year and all my life I’m going to pray. I remember that at around 5 in the afternoon I buried him.so it seems to me that it does have a meaning that at 5 in the afternoon I come here to pray to him,” he explained.

But not only that, since he has also adopted other customs such as listening to music or even having a beer, as this is a way of remembering who his partner was for more than 50 years.

I’m not even absent, I play music all day, from morning to night there is music. Having a beer with him was the only thing I did, just one because I got drunk. I don’t drink tequila, I don’t drink any alcohol, so I drank a small beer with him and (he said): ‘drink another’, (and she replied) ‘no because I get drunk’”, she recalled smiling before the camera of the program ‘Come the Joy’.

Finally, the mother of El Potrillo confessed that she feels at peace after the death of Vicente Fernández.

“I have always been at peace, I have always been calm, I was never unruly or nosy.”
Maria del Refugio Abarca

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